This documentation is deprecated. Please refer our new documentation here

FAQAPMHow do I track Meteor server errors?

To monitor Meteor server errors, you need to create Node.js APM Project in Atatus. Then you need to copy and paste the following code in /server/main.js. This should be above all other import statements.

// /server/main.js
atatus = require('atatus-nodejs');
    licenseKey: "YOUR_LICENSE_KEY",
    appName: "YOUR_APP_NAME"
var consoleLogOrig = console.log;
console.log = function (arguments) {
    // special case for meteor dev mode
    if(arguments === 'LISTENING') {
        return, 'LISTENING');

    atatus.notifyError(arguments);, arguments);

Since Meteor uses sockets for communication, Atatus APM will not collect the performance metrics from Meteor server. But you can track all your errors in the Atatus.