Monitor Ajax(XHR) Requests

AJAX Monitoring shows AJAX requests from your web app to external endpoints. It includes following details

  • Average response time per request
  • Average callback time per request
  • Average data sent size per request
  • Average data received size per request
  • Status codes related to the requests

This information helps identify problems with your users' experience when you have time-consuming or failing AJAX calls that update parts of a webpage on your site.

Viewing the AJAX requests

You can view View AJAX requests breakdown by throughput, transferred data, callback time or response time. Get into each URL and see each AJAX call that were made from that page.

AJAX Response Time
Disable Ajax Monitoring

Ajax Monitoring is enabled by default. You can disable this feature by setting disableAjaxMonitoring configuration option to true.

atatus.config('YOUR_API_KEY', {
  disableAjaxMonitoring: true