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segmentInstall with Segment

Segment is an easy way to install your favourite monitoring and analytics tools on your website or mobile app. You can instantly enable Atatus with Segment.

Integration steps

You can integrate Atatus into your app through segment by following below steps.

  • 1. Get a Segment account

    If you don't already have a Segment account, create an account and get set up.

  • 2. Enable the Atatus integration

    Check out the Atatus integration on Segment and enable it in your account.

  • 3. Enter your Atatus API Key on Segment to start monitoring
  • 4. There is no next step!

    Segment will take care of all the rest, you're good to go!

Setting advanced configurations

You can set options disable AJAX monitoring in Segment Atatus integration page.

If you want to add an extra setting to Atatus, you can use a ready callback so that you’re guaranteed to have access to the Atatus object, like so:

  window.atatus.setTags(['production', 'paid_user']);
    name: "John Doe",
    plan: "premium",
    beta_access: true
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