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Real User Monitoring (RUM) and JavaScript Error Tracking for Web and Hybrid Apps.
In-depth performance and error analysis.

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Real User Monitoring

Visualize exactly how your visitors are experiencing your website from various browsers and countries.

Advanced crash diagnostics

Deep insights of crashes that helps you pinpoint the exact issue. Replay the error at your end and fix them.

Faster apps. Delightful customer experiences.

  • Page Performance

    Dig into the various factors that affect the performance of page load time. Analyze performance data to see how how fast your website loads for users from a specific country, browser or page.

  • AJAX Monitoring

    Analyze AJAX requests breakdown by throughput, transferred data, received data, callback time and response time.

  • Transaction Monitoring

    Understand your users’ experience with critical transactions so you can troubleshoot problems quickly and deepen engagement.

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Catching an error before the customer sees is priceless.

  • Timeline

    Get to know what user actions happened. Replay the exact steps before the JavaScript error occurred.

  • Detailed Backtrace

    When exceptions happen, view the complete backtrace which helps you in fixing JavaScript errors.

  • Notifications

    Dont wait for your users to report problems. Get notified when something breaks and fix them before your users find it out.

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It works in all major browsers & frameworks

Atatus captures JavaScript errors and performance metrics on IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Opera browsers, Android & iOS, Ionic & PhoneGap, AngularJS & BackboneJS Frameworks

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