Frontend JavaScript Contextual Error Tracking

More than just stacktrace. Get to know which user actions triggered your frontend errors.

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Contextual Error Tracking

  • Get to know what user actions happened
  • Find out what input the user gave
  • Identify in what context the error had occurred
  • Easily reproduce the error from the steps listed

Stacktrace and Environment

  • Detailed stacktrace to the source of the error
  • The user environment in which the error occurred
  • The Browser, Operating System, URL, IP, View Port of the user

It works in all major browsers & frameworks

Atatus captures errors on IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Opera browsers, Android & iOS, AngularJS & BackboneJS Frameworks

What are you waiting for?

Starting tracking your frontend errors and increase your user retention rate by never having any issue go unnoticed.

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