Simple Javascript Error Tracking

Track Errors of your web applications and Monitor uptime of your application

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Track realtime errors

The errors and exceptions that your users see are captured and notified to you in detail.

Monitor application availabilty

Make sure your web app is up and available at all times. Never let your users be affected.

Track your app

Single Service

Monitor your system or website uptime and capture errors & exceptions, with a few lines of code.

Intelligent Notifications

Dont wait for your users to report problems. Get notified when something breaks and fix them before your users find it out.

Detailed Backtrace

When exceptions happen, view the complete backtrace which pin points you to the exact source of the problem.

Team Work

Add multiple collaborators to your projects. Get your team to work on various issues that are seen by your users.

Custom Data

To identify specific exception causes, send custom data when your exception happens.

Privacy & Security

All your exceptions and logs are sent securely over the wire through https and are only accessible over secure login.

Start monitoring your uptime and tracking your errors in seconds.

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