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All plans include:

Real user monitoring (RUM)
Contextual JavaScript error tracking
AJAX monitoring
Session monitoring
Geography monitoring
Transaction monitoring
SourceMap support
Data export API
Transaction Monitoring
Database Monitoring
External Requests Monitoring
Exception Tracking
Advanced error search and filtering
Real-time email alerts & weekly summaries
Deployment Tracking
Integrate Slack, HipChat, Asana, JIRA, more
Unlimited monitored apps
Unlimited team members
Unlimited email support
Priority support for Premium and above plans.

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Common pricing questions

What counts as a page view?

A page view is a single visit to your web site/app by your user. If the user refreshes/revisit your page again, then it is considered as separate page view. Lets say user refreshes/revisit your page 5 times, then it is equivalent to 5 page views.

What counts as a host?

A host is a machine or VM that applications run on, and each host can run any number of instances of your application.

Can I try before I buy?

You can use Atatus with full features up to 14 days for free. There is no risk, no obligation, and no credit card required and you can cancel at any time.

Is my data secure?

We take security very seriously. Your data is send only over https and it is securely stored.

What if I go over my maximum requests quota?

We will continue to capture errors and performance metrics. We will inform you accordingly to move you to next plan with your consent.

Can I cancel subscription?

Yes. You can upgrade, downgrade to another plan, or cancel at any time. All your data will be deleted when you cancel the account.

Can I pay annually?

Yes, we encourage you to choose an annual plan and get up to 20% discount on yearly plans.

Can I be invoiced for my plan?

If you are on our Enterprise plan we will invoice you for payments.

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