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Apdex Score: Measuring user satisfaction

Apdex is an industry standard to measure users' satisfaction with the response(load) time of an application or service.

Apdex measurements

Apdex is a measure of response time based against a set threshold. You have to define a response time threshold T in Project settings.

For example, if T is 3 seconds and a response completes in 2.5 seconds, then the user is satisfied. All responses greater than 3 seconds dissatisfy the user.

Apdex tracks three response counts:

  • Satisfied: The response time is less than or equal to T. The user is fully productive.
  • Tolerated: The response time is greater than T and less than or equal to 4T.
  • Frustrated: The response time is greater than 4T. The users may abandon the web site or app.

The Apdex formula is the number of satisfied samples plus half of the tolerating samples divided by all the samples. Samples from frustrated users do not count.

Apdex Score = (Satisfied + Tolerated/2)/Total

Your Apdex score

The Apdex score for an application is computed with above simple formula that returns a satisfaction ratio.

  • A score of 1.0 means all responses were satisfactory.
  • A score of 0.0 means none of the responses were satisfactory.
  • Tolerated responses half satisfy a user. For example, if all responses are tolerating, then the Apdex score would be 0.50.

You can view your app's Apdex score on the top right of the dashboard and experience chart on the bottom of the dashboard.

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