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Fuel up your business bottom-line by monitoring your REST APIs continuously and resolve the API issues before it impacts your end users.

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API Analytics
API LatencyAPI monitoring

Avert slow or broken APIs

Accelerate the broken REST and GraphQL API by identifying the issues and repair them at appropriate time. Do not waste your valuable time and resources in diagnosing the API related issues. Gain full-stack observability by monitoring the internal and third-party APIs with Atatus.

API Latency
MetricsAPI Metrics

Manage API usage with API metrics

Ensure your API returns the exact content in the request headers as expected by clicking on a specific transaction. Gain API insights such as status code, duration, IP address, device type and the hostname of each transaction. You can also add or remove a column in your dashboard as per your preferences.

API Metrics
API availabilityTop API Calls

Find the most actively used API

Keep track of the API that are used frequently by your users and ensure it performs as expected. Atatus provides response time of each API transactions with which you can easily reduce and optimize them.

API Throughput
AlertsAnomalies Alerting

Instant notifications

Notify your team with API metrics about the issue in just a single click by integrating with your favourite channel such as Slack, Email, PagerDuty, VictorOps and much more. Also you can easily send the exact transaction details that you are looking into with the permanent link provided by Atatus API monitoring.

API alerting

Explore cases where your APIs are slow!

Slowdowns and failures

API slowdowns and failures

Get to know where does your APIs are breaking or timing out and ensure whether it is successful for real customers.


Filtering API metrics

You can easily slice and dice the API metrics by filtering based on customer, country, browser, host, path and much more.

Predefined Views

Effective predefined views

With out-of-the-box views you can find API actionable insights right away. Click on a particular request to view the entire API metrics.

API risks

Mitigating API risks

Capture API metrics and log them with API logs and check where your APIs are being probed and exploited.


Instant alerts

For every minute, your API is tested for anomalies, and if it doesn't pass, an alert is sent back to your team with the detailed API report.


Training & Support

Get fast, 1-on-1 support and training. With live in-app chat and a dedicated customer support team, we are here to help with anything.

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Atatus is a great product with great support. Super easy to integrate, it automatically hooks into everything. The support team and dev team were also very helpful in fixing a bug and updating the docs.
Tobias L
Full Stack Engineer, ClearVoyage
Atatus is powerful, flexible, scalable, and has assisted countless times to identify issues in record time. With user identification, insight into XHR requests to name a few it is the monitoring tool we choose for our SPAs.
Jan Paul
Jan-Paul B
Chief Executive Officer, iSavta
Atatus continues to deliver useful features based on customer feedback. Atatus support team has been responsive and gave visibility into their timeline of requested features.
Daniel G
Software Engineer, MYND Management

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