JavaScript Error and Performance Monitoring

Get complete visibility into your JavaScript errors and performance issues that are impacting your end user experience. Fix critical issues sooner with in depth data points that helps you in analyzing and resolving issues with great speed.

JavaScript performance monitoring in real-time

Atatus monitors your JavaScript application to provide detailed overview of the end-user experience your customers have. Uncover performance bottlenecks in frontend for every page request and identify the root cause of slow load times, route changes and more.

JavaScript End User Experience
Web VitalsWeb Vitals

Optimize your user experience quality

We gather critical performance data for Google's Core Web Vitals and Other Web Vitals that helps you understand what’s the cause of the slow performance at the user level if they are having troubling interacting with the page, seeing sudden changes or having slow loading times.

Core metrics

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • First Input Delay (FID)
  • First Contentful Paint (FCP)
  • Time to First Byte (TTFB)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
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Google Core Web Vitals
Slow resourcesSlow resources

Slow pages leads to more bounce rate - Fix your slow ones!

Gain insights into why your customers were affected by bad front end performance and slow page load. Inspect individual users having poor experiences due to slow pages, JavaScript exceptions or failing AJAX calls. Quickly see how network or geographical region is affecting your end users' experience. Session traces provides waterfall view of the session to identify slow JavaScript assets, long load times and errors.

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JavaScript Page Load Performance
XHR CallsXHR Calls

Get full picture of AJAX requests

Examine all XHR requests sent by your JavaScript app. Monitor and measure XHR calls' response times and failure rates. Identify slow and failed AJAX calls and optimize request performance. Slice and dice AJAX calls in real time—based on browser, user, version, tag and other attributes.

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JavaScript AJAX Monitoring
Frontend errorsFix issues

JavaScript error monitoring with stack traces

Every JavaScript error is captured with full stack trace and exact line of source code is highlighted to make bug fixing easier. Source maps are automatically applied to convert your minified code into the original source line that caused the crash. See user actions, console logs and all javascript events at that time to help you to resolve the JavaScript error. Get alerts for errors and exceptions via Email, Slack, PagerDuty, or using webhooks.

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JavaScript Error Tracking
SPA MonitoringSPA Monitoring

Discover slow single page route changes

See how much time each route changes takes. Drill down into JavaScript SPA response times, AJAX breakdown of the route change, slow routes breakdown with trace. Get a detailed view along with the impact that it has on your end-user experience.

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JavaScript SPA Monitoring

Start resolving frontend performance issues

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Awesome Support

Great product for tracking issues on Production

"We were struggling with site speed on the Production side and it wasn't clear what was causing it. With Atatus we were able to pinpoint exactly what wrong, and after a fix, we saw the speed improvements right away on the performance charts And the installation was so easy. I definitely recommend trying it."

— Ivan S, Engineering Manager, iSavta

Atatus supports major frontend frameworks seamlessly

1. Install atatus-js from the npm registry:

npm install --save atatus-js

2. Import and initialize atatus to monitor your application:

import * as atatus from  "atatus-js"


3. To verify that your integration is working, call notify() in your application:

atatus.notify(new Error("Test Atatus Setup"));

Deep dive into your JavaScript app's performance


Two Line Setup

Adding two lines of code gets you started with tracking your JavaScript app's performance and errors. Start seeing immediately what are the pain points your users are facing.

Source Maps

Source Maps

Make readable stack traces in your errors by providing source maps. Un-minifying JavaScript lets you view source code in their original form, which helps in debugging minified code from production.

Block Bots & Malicious IPs

Block Bots & Malicious IPs

You can filter Bots, Domains, IPs, User Agents and many other configurations in making sure that you get actionable insights from the real data that affects your customers.

Smart notifications

Smart notifications

Setup alerts to automatically monitor your applications for increase in response time, API failures, or error rate and much more. Get notified through various channels, including Slack, Teams, Email, PagerDuty and more.



Invite your team members and work together to resolve issues. Add comments to the JavaScript errors, so that your team members who view the errors, get to know what and how the fix was made.

Search data

Slice and Dice data

Get your questions answered. Use custom queries to slice and dice the data by transaction, URL, error, user, browser, host OS and more.

Unlimited websites

Unlimited websites

Track all your websites in one place. Add your production, dev, staging, QA to monitor your websites through the complete software development cycle.

Email digests

Email digests

Don't miss out on your JavaScript app's performance and error stats. Atatus can send you weekly and monthly summaries directly to your inbox.

Ticketing Inetgration

Ticketing Integration

Maintain your workflow with Atatus issues in various Project Management integrations. We support Jira, Asana, BugHerd, GitHub, GitLab, and more.

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