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Atatus full suite of unified APM, Real User Monitoring, Logs & Infrastructure monitoring tools give you a complete visibility into your software stack. Learn more on how Atatus helps teams from our assembled datasheets.

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Full Stack Observability Platform

We allow developers to identify, locate, and resolve issues on the fly across an entire software stack. The solutions are geared toward development teams and tech companies, and they often include features for monitoring websites, software, applications and cloud deployments. Atatus provides monitoring and alerting capabilities for databases, microservices, containers and everything in between.


Real User Monitoring

Our solution provides a scalable, real-time monitoring and analytics solution that helps you gain visibility into how your end users are interacting with and experiencing the web application. We also help in identifying issues before the customers even notice them. You can slice and dice the data to discover what is causing the issues and how your user journeys affect the business.


Application Performance Monitoring

We agonize over the right abstractions so your teams can immediately see which part of your application is affecting your users. Atatus pro-actively monitors, analyzes and alerts performance-related issues in your application and provides deep visibility into slow database queries, poor performing external requests, slow traces and much more.


Infrastructure Monitoring

We bring together metrics, visualization and alerts for your infrastructure engineered to ensure that your team can maintain your environment without any downtime. Atatus monitors your infrastructure’s CPU, memory, storage, network, processes, installed packages, health checks andmore. We also help in monitoring databases, web servers and other technologies.


Logs Monitoring

We provide a complete log monitoring platform that brings together all the logs from your infrastructure into a centralized platform. We help in a unified view for diagnosing, troubleshooting and fixing issues and security threats. Atatus provides a cost-effective, scalable way for root-cause analysis of your complete infrastructure.


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