Logs Monitoring

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Log management delivered as a fully managed cloud service. Minimal set up, no maintenance, any scale. so you can focus on your business rather than maintaining data pipelines.

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Logs Monitoring

Monitor log events in real time

Troubleshoot faster by aggregating logs from all of your systems and applications to a centralized, easy-to-navigate user interface.

Error Tracking
Logs from any service
Centralized Logging

All your logs unified at one place

Get a complete visibility across your complex architecture, as we provide a cost-effective, scalable approach to centralized logging. Process all your logs, generate metrics, visualize log data all from one central place.

Centralized Logging
Tail Logs
Live Tail

Tail your Log in Real-time

Troubleshoot your logs in the production environment by searching, filtering, and analyzing logs on the fly as they come in. Start tailing similar to "tail -f" across systems from a single UI.

Live Tail
APM Integration

Correlate logs with APM Traces & Errors

Troubleshooting becomes easier if you are able to correlate the log events with the APM slow traces and errors. Get more insights and resolve issues faster.

APM Integration
Search and Filter

Find the needle in the Haystack

Slice-and-dice data across log events with easy to use filters. Find the logs by hostname, service, source, messages and more to cut through the noise and focus on the critical events that matter.

Search and Filter

Start analyzing your logs at scale

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Best Monitoring tool

"Atatus customer service is just amazing. I had before newrelic and stackify and I can honestly say that Atatus compared to those two is leader! Leader in pricing and user interface and ability to drill down to the problem."

— S Herman Kiefus, DevOps Admin
Controlled Logging

Chose what to log and control costs

Control retention of the log messages and move older logs to cost effective storage tiers. Don’t pay the same for all logs - so you don't have to pay the same for logs you access less frequently.

Controlled Logging
Logs Analytics
Log Analytics

Complete story in a Single View

Identify trends, analyze messages, troubleshoot problems by providing a quick visualization of log data. It helps in determining patterns or anomalies, speeding up the time to troubleshoot issues.

Log Analytics

Store logs for longer periods of time

We automatically archive Logs in your desired external storage like Amazon S3 in a predescribed JSON format along with metadata. You can import them back to analyze it again.


Logs Aggregate and Analysis made easy!

Live performance data

Real-time alerting

High-priority incidents are notified immediately. You can configure advanced alerts based on error logs, custom queries or trigger conditions. This makes you aware of certain messages that show up in your logs.

Resolve issues quickly

Filter Context

When parsing the log events, you can add or delete related streams such as host, service, source, severity. Filtering by context is helpful when you are debugging to jump into that context for further analysis.

Compare releases

Seek by Time

Quickly jump to a specific time in your logs across systems, to see exactly what has happened at a given time in your application. Being a distributed architecture, seeking by time is critical to get the complete picture when you are resolving issues.

Smart notifications

Saved Views

Save a search to quickly re-run that particular pattern on your log events. Use managed views to add, delete, modify the search filters, all within the event viewer.

Built for developers

Built for developers

Designed to help developers and managers determine when and where their attention is required and enable teams to make fast.

Full text search

Email digests

Don't miss out on your events and error stats. Atatus can send you weekly and monthly summaries directly to your inbox.

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