Synthetic Monitoring

Ensure Uptime with 24x7 Synthetic Monitoring

Simulate user interaction with Synthetic(Uptime) Monitoring to test your website or application's availability. Check the slowness, functionality of your application and get accurate and actionable insights in an intuitive dashboard.

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Uptime Monitoring
Host Ping Monitoring

Ping Monitoring

Gain full-stack observability into the quality of your network devices by constantly pinging the network hosts to detect the outages.

SSL Monitoring

SSL Monitoring

Keep track of the expiry date of your SSL certificate with our SSL monitoring since you can't afford to lose your SSL certificate.

Website Monitoring

Website Monitoring

Track and measure the connection speed and browser load times of your website to check the availability of your site.

DNS Monitoring

DNS Monitoring

Avoid malicious attacks on your domains and servers by regularly checking the DNS records for any unexpected changes or local outages.

MicroServices Monitoring

MicroServices Monitoring

Monitor the availability of any specific ports such as HTTP, SSL, TCP and ICMP at the set frequency from different locations.

Keyword Monitoring

Keyword Monitoring

Ensure whether you have sent the proper texts in your request and response headers (HTML or JSON) with our Keyword monitoring.

API TestsMultiStep API tests

Pull details from one request to another

Nowadays websites are built with multiple API endpoints and so you have to monitor them on the whole. Multistep API test lets you check the entire API endpoints in your application and identifies the potential issues with the overall performance of your application. Create new variables, has access to stored variables and reuse previously captured data at any step or scenarios.

Uptime Monitoring
AvailabilitySite availability

Do not let your website down

Notice the errors before your customers encounter them by monitoring your HTTP’s, DNS, servers, SSL certificates, TCP and much more. Keep track of the errors and fix them to ensure your website is available 24*7 for your end-users.

Multi Locations Uptime Checks
User ExperienceEnd-user monitoring

Understand from an end-user perspective

Measure the true end-user experience of your website or application at the real browser levels. Atatus Synthetic Monitoring will let you run the different types of tests at the desired location, different types of browsers across the globe.

Uptime Latency
MetricsNetwork traffic

Get ready for the peak traffic season

Synthetic monitoring allows you to simulate traffic within a specific area with which you can easily ensure the performance, functionality and availability of your website or application. Before releasing your product in a new geographical location you can check the performance of your application before your end-user could encounter them.

Synthetic Metrics
AlertsAlerts and Integrations

Synthetics Alert and Integration

Define alert conditions based on the retry count(number of retries to be done when a failure occurs) and the number of locations to be failed to notify your team about the crucial errors. Get notified of your favourite channels such as Slack, Teams, VictorOps, OpsGenie and much more by integrating with them.

Uptime Alerts

Monitor, Detect and Resolve Broken Websites and API

Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Deploy and get started within minutes in seeing key site metrics for actionable insights. Just start monitoring website and solving issues now.

Uptime Assertions

Set Assertions and Test Frequency

Set the desired conditions and test frequency time with the options provided by Atatus to monitor your endpoints.

Site Uptime Checks

Multiple Protocol Monitoring

Keep track of reliant resources like DNS, SSL certificates, open and closed ports, API endpoints and optimize them.


Latency Monitoring

Monitor the response time of API and web pages in the all-in-one unified dashboard to ensure your site responds as expected.

Multiple Location Check

Multiple Locations Checks

With multiple locations monitoring, you can ensure your users are able to access to your website across the globe.



Customize the checks by selecting and defining the check frequency, different HTTP methods, alert conditions and notification channels.

FAQs about Synthetic Monitoring

What is Synthetic Monitoring?

Synthetic monitoring is a technique for testing the website or application by simulating the real-user behaviour or actions in order to detect and fix any issues that might impact your website's accessibility, performance or functionality before end-users discover any problems.

Why do we use Synthetic Monitoring?

Using Synthetic Monitoring you can:

  1. Test from the end-users perspective
  2. Ensure SLA compliance
  3. Reduce MTTR
  4. Reduces the risk of downtime going unnoticed
  5. Create a baseline for performance trends
  6. Detect issues caused by third-party services
  7. Helps you prepare for peak traffic periods
What is website availability monitoring?

Website availability or website uptime is nothing but the amount of time a website is accessible to the users.

By accessing, we mean entering the URL or clicking a link from social networking websites, emails, other websites, etc. when the URL shows the expected content, the website is available.

A site's availability is described as a percentage such as 99.9% availability.

Does website performance issues affect availability of your website?

If the performance bottlenecks affect the user from performing their task the availability might decrease. Website performance is also considered as an availability factor.

What types of tests does Atatus support in Synthetic Monitoring?

We offer the following Synthetic Monitoring at Atatus:

  1. API Test
    • HTTP
    • SSL
    • TCP
    • ICMP
    • DNS
  2. Multiple API Test
Can I monitor a sequence of API requests as a workflow?

A single API request can be monitored or a sequence of API endpoints can be monitored with Atatus Synthetic Monitoring.

How often can API tests be configured to run?

A minimum frequency of 1 minute can be configured for Synthetic API Monitoring.

Can I monitor my service from a particular location using Synthetic Monitoring?

Yes, you can easily monitor your services from any location as you prefer to ensure your users can access your website from anywhere, anytime.

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Atatus continues to deliver useful features based on customer feedback. Atatus support team has been responsive and gave visibility into their timeline of requested features.
Daniel G
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