Server Monitoring

Full observability of your servers

Get complete visibility of your infrastructure to diagnose and resolve performance issues that impact your business. Make better business decisions by correlating application metrics, logs and traces to troubleshoot problems faster.

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Infrastructure Monitoring
Host Monitoring

Host Monitoring

Get an enhanced overview of your servers and containers, with a summary of CPU, memory, disk, network utilization in a single view.

Health Checks

Health Checks

Set up health checks to monitor health (uptime) of apps or services running on your servers. Get notified on any impact to the services.

Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring

See the summary of all your resources per process, including CPU, memory, storage and network, with detailed data for troubleshooting issues.

Packages Tracking

Inventory Tracking

Search, filter and group packages, inventory data to identify security vulnerabilities, mismatches, and any user action on your servers.

Host Monitoring

Complete visibility into your infrastructure

Get real-time insight into the utilization of your servers or cloud instances. Monitor all key performance metrics of your hosts including CPU, memory, i/o, disk, network, load averages and see the trends for all your servers.

Server Utilization
Health Ping
Health Checks

Get notified on downtime of your applications

Set-up health checks to check availability and basic performance metrics for applications services to reduce downtime and resolve issues. Get it integrated with indecent management systems e.g. JIRA, PagerDuty, VictorOps and more. Replace Nagios or Consul with an integrated health check solution.

Health Checks
Process Monitoring

See real-time service and process monitoring

Get an in-depth overview of the processes or services that are causing high system usage. Dig deeper to understand the load on the system resources to determine which process is causing the slow down, how it is using the available resources, where optimizations can be done.

Process Monitoring
Inventory Tracking

Get comprehensive overview of inventory monitoring

View all package modifications, installations, updates, removals on your servers. Group and filter them to determine which packages are vulnerable, needs to be updated and the overall status across your servers.

Inventory Tracking

Server monitoring made easy!

Easy Setup

Two-minute set up

Deploy and get started within minutes in seeing key server performance metrics for actionable insights. Just start collecting data and solving issues now.


Correlate Infra with APM

Troubleshooting becomes easier if you are able to correlate the host metrics with the APM slow traces and errors. Get connected context with unified monitoring.


Smart alerting

Setup alerts to automatically monitor your infrastructure for downtime, increase in CPU, memory, disk and storage consumption. Get notified through various channels, including Slack, Teams, Email, PagerDuty and more.

Search data

Slice and Dice Your Hosts

Get your questions answered. Create tags for your hosts and group them together, to slice and dice the data by process, CPU, Memory, disk, network and more.

Monitor at any scale

Scale & Grow

Billions of data points are processed by us every day. As you grow, we can meet all the demands of your company around the world.


Training & Support

Get fast, 1-on-1 support and training. With live in-app chat and a dedicated customer support team, we are here to help with anything.

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