Application Performance Monitoring & Management

Get a full visibility of your application performance in real-time with detection of database performance bottlenecks, slow external requests and stack traces using Atatus application performance monitoring tools.

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Application Performance Monitoring

Get a complete picture of your application performance

Atatus makes application monitoring easier with actionable insights and workflows with supporting services, appversions, and hosts, so you can isolate and resolve application performance issues holistically.

Transaction Monitoring

Get deeper visibility of your transaction outliers and drill down to find out the slowest segments that are slowing down your app. Troubleshoot performance issues using histogram and percentiles along with error rate.

Database Monitoring

Get an overview of the most time consuming database queries such as MongoDB, Redis and Memcache queries and break them down by high throughput transactions that gets slowed down by these queries.

External Requests Monitoring

See inside the external network calls that your server app makes and track performance details of each call including percentage of time consumed, average, minimum and maximum response time and calls per minute.

Error Tracking

Atatus automatically monitors and collects the errors and crashes that are affecting your customers, pinpointing the exact line of code that caused the issue along with context and environment of the exception.

Atatus APM supports major back-end frameworks right out of the box.

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Transaction Monitoring

Transaction Monitoring gives you detailed segmented breakdown of each transaction, how it performs, what you can tweak and how you can improve.

Transaction Monitoring

Drill down into your transactions

Instrument transactions and visualize where your server app is spending its time. You can't improve what you can't measure.

SegmentsIncoming RequestsSlowest APIs
Transactions Response Time

Analyzing key transactions

Each transaction is broken down into individual segments, to identify where they are spending time. Also find which of these transactions are failing, to fix these HTTP errors at your backend.

Transactions Throughput

Breakdown of total transactions

Atatus keeps a watchful eye on failed transactions and presents you with time taken and volume of failed transactions, so your team can improve user acquisition and retention by proactively identifying, troubleshooting, and resolving it.

Transactions Response Time

Look out for the slowest of the lot

Find out which of your transactions are eating up most of the time, there by you can dig into them and optimize the performances of such transactions and increase the overall performances of your app.

Database Monitoring

Database monitoring provides an in-depth overview of your database performance, capturing the specific db calls that are slowing down your app.

Database Monitoring

Understand your database calls' impact

Database Monitoring provides all the details of the database calls, grouped by database and providing the caller details in each of the specific database calls. With this, one can drill down and refine on which database calls have to be further investigated.

Query TimeCalls per minuteExplore
Transactions Response Time

Investigate Specific Database Calls

Looking into specific database call gives an overview of the response time across various transactions. Each database call can then be drilled down, to see if it can be optimized further there by improving the performance of the app.

Transactions Throughput

Achieve greater visibility

Our unique technology captures every database performance as it happens in your server application so your team can analyze and optimize the database queries to serve your customer in a better way.

Transactions Response Time

Keep moving forward

No matter how complex your application is, you’ll be able to get a look at your database performance in our slick dashboard. Atatus helps you test theories and answer questions related to application versions, tags, hosts and transactions.

External Requests Monitoring

Atatus allows you to see your external API calls at a glance in one place and summarize an impact on your app.

External Requests Monitoring

Analyze your third party external calls

Atatus agent captures all the third party API requests that are called from your application, and gives an overview of how each of these services are performing.

Network DelayOut of process callsExplore
AJAX Response Time

Breaking down external calls timings

The top five external services that are consuming the most time are highlighted, to give a quick insight into which of these should be monitored further for analysis. The breakdown chart provides a easy to identify visualization.

AJAX Data transfer

Most called external services

Get to know which of your external services are called the most, how their performance could impact your overall app and where you should concentrate your efforts in optimization.

AJAX Error Status Codes

Tabled Analysis

Quickly understand about the various external services that are part of your app and the mean value, with the most time consumed and the least time consumed breakdown.

Error Tracking

Atatus notifies you when app crashes and also logs all exceptions with a detailed report that includes a stack trace, request headers, versions and much more.

Error Tracking

Give an error-free experience for your users

Error Tracking captures all the backend errors that happen in your application, pinpointing the exact code location, which will easily point you to the exact cause of the exception.

Root CauseFailed RequestsStatus Codes

Detailed error information

Don't just get notified for the exception, but also find out which part of the code was the root cause for the issue. You shall also get the context in which the error occured, along with the URL, host, port number, etc.

Errors Throughput

Stacktrace based Exception Grouping

All errors occurring on different transactions are grouped together based on stacktrace, which point to the same root cause. By intelligent grouping, you do not see duplicate errors and at the same time, fixing them will resolve that error across different transactions.

Errors Breakdown

Breakdown of Status Codes

You don't see just the errors, but also the exact status codes of HTTP failures, which will help you in finding out which transactions are failing the most and which error codes are the main cause of these failures.

Application performance monitoring made easy!

Live performance data

See data from multiple apps in real time and visualize critical information including transaction performance, crash rate, and database performance.

Resolve issues quickly

Quickly identity performance issues and crashes with detailed reports along with the context and environment so you can quickly fix issues before they affect customers.

Compare releases

Easily compare one time range to another and identify changes in app behavior and stability with respect to the app releases.

Built for developers

Designed to help developers and managers determine when and where their attention is required and enable teams to make fast.

Smart notifications

When errors are picked up by Atatus, we’ll group them so you get notified when a new error happens and again when an error happens in quick succession.

Full-text search

Search errors and performance metrics by host, version, tags, release stage, or transaction in real-time. Filter and find exactly what you are looking for and zero-in on the root cause of the issues.