Error Tracking

Error Handling in React 16

Previously any JavaScript errors inside React components used to corrupt React’s internal state and cause it to emit cryptic errors on next renders. These errors were always caused by an earlier error in the application code.

Track Errors In Your Ionic 2+ Apps

The Ionic 2 enables the creation of cross platform mobile applications with HTML, CSS and JavaScript(Angular 2). Ionic 2 is built with Angular 2 framework. In this tutorial, we'll logs Ionic 2 errors to the Atatus service.

How to track exceptions in Meteor apps with Atatus

If you are building apps with Meteor, client-side error logging has become essential in creating stable apps.We set out to fix this by seamlessly tracking client-side JavaScript errors with enough information to actually fix them!

Awesome error tracking solution for Angular2 Apps

Tracking down a problem in a rich client application is hard when you can’t see what your user is seeing and experiencing. Worse, when the errors raised exist only in the context of the users browser, where we, as the developers of the code can’t get to them.

Best practices for JavaScript error monitoring

Once you start javascript error monitoring, you might notice that the errors are pouring down like a waterfall. You might encounter numerous errors, some of which you are not responsible or cannot fix them.

Powerful, on-premise error monitoring

Hereby, we are happy and excited to announce that we now launch Atatus Enterprise, the on-premise version of Atatus, that you can host on your own servers.

Goroutines Error Handling

We have now started measuring AJAX Performance as well, as a part of web performance monitoring. Handling of AJAX performance report introduces a new problem.

How to track Ember.js production errors

Ember.js is a framework for creating ambitious web applications. If you are building single-page applications with Ember.js, client-side error logging has become essential in creating a stable application.

Tracking Errors in Backbone.js Single Page Applications

The last few years we have had a tremendous growth in JavaScript web applications. As with any new development, there will always be errors that happen in realtime. Backend errors are relatively straight forward, as you can log them directly in your server.

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