Slack is Atatus's Most Popular Integration

Slack, the most popular team chat, is supported by Atatus. With this integration, all the new and reopened error notifications are delivered right into your team’s communication channels.

Without interrupting your team’s method of communication, Atatus fits right into your workflow, and shall deliver error notifications in the Slack channel where your dev team is present. This gives your team, the peace of mind, to immediately get alerted to any issues that your users are facing right at this moment. You not only get the error details, but also the user who is affected by this and the version of your app, that had the issue. With all these benefits, the Atatus users grabbed the chance to start using their favorite communication tool. The error notifications that appear in Slack look like this:

Slack Notification

You get a link to your application in Atatus, the error instance, and the message as it occurred in your code. As you’d expect, clicking on the message gives you the complete stack trace and environment data that makes Atatus so useful.

Integration is a breeze

We recommend checking out this integration if you haven’t already. It’s easy to set up in your dashboard.

  1. Navigate to Project Settings -> Error Integrations -> Slack.
  2. Create an incoming webhook URL for Atatus on the Slack website and paste it into the URL textbox.
  3. Click the Save button when you’re done.

Need a Atatus account? There’s a 14-day free trial here, no credit card required. If you have any questions, Feel free to reach out.


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Fizer Khan

Fizer Khan

Co-Founder & Architect at Atatus