Exception Handling

Exception Handling in Java

Exceptions refer to all those unforeseen events that occur during the runtime of a program. In this article, we will discuss the two broad classes of exceptions - the checked and unchecked exceptions, and how to handle them.

Rescue Exceptions in Ruby

In the Ruby programming language, exceptions are a common feature. Ruby programs crash when unhandled exceptions occur. This article will go over how to use rescue exceptions in ruby and how to handle them.

Types of Exceptions in Java

An event that occurs during a program's execution and prevents the program's instructions from flowing normally is called an exception. Checked Exceptions and Unchecked Exceptions were the two categories of the exceptions.

Exception Handling in PHP 8

When, Where, and How to use Exceptions and Errors in PHP? Read through about Custom Exceptions, Global Exceptions and Non-Capturing Catches in this blog post with simple examples.

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