Things You Should Know Before Choosing Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Application Performance Monitoring tool has become the most emerging business to organizations to deal with complex applications. It helps in optimizing and monitoring the performance of your application. To ensure your app's performance, since it is of utmost importance for the better user-experience, the recommended approach would be to use APM tools.

There are wide spectrum of application monitoring tools available in the market place. With this blog you will get a complete visibility on Application Monitoring Tools and you can choose the one which fit your needs.

What are Application Monitoring Tools?

Application Monitoring Tools has various elements which collects data to administer the behaviour, performance and availability of your application. To detect bugs and reduce the issues APM offers enormous benefits which allows you to execute faster than your contenders.

The APM tools demand is increasing day by day and the market rate has attained $5 billion by the end of 2020.  

APM - A place where you will get everything to find the issues and resolve them.

With multitudinous APM tools in the market it might be bit difficult to pick the right one for your organization.

Major Considerations

Here are some basic considerations with which you can pick the best tool for your organization and optimize your app performance.

  • Technology support - Choose your tool which support either all programming languages or languages that are most used in developing applications like Java, Python, Node.js, PHP, .NET and so on. Monitor errors in every language.
  • Reports and analytics - Track app performance and get a complete visibility with great insights and  reports.
  • Agent Overhead - The agent that you are going to use with your application should not take too much overhead in performance. The acceptable limit would be somewhere between 10-30 ms overhead for the transaction response time
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance - It should be easy to deploy, use and maintain any application which is also applicable for APM tools. It must be easy with or without installation.
  • User Interface - The user interface of the Application Performance Monitoring Tool should be straightforward to show you the issues that your application are having without too much digging. This eases the recognition of the problems immediately
  • Support - Many providers support system seems to be complicated to get help when you need it. Check if the support team is readily available when you have an issue.
  • Pricing - Affordable pricing plans that would scale with your team and keeps it flexible for your organization when you grow
  • Alerts Notifications - Get intelligent alerting as every error has a revenue cost associated with it. Get to know whenever an error occurs in your application with smart notifications.

Top-notch APM tools

  • Atatus - Monitor your entire stack with Atatus seamlessly and gain end-to-end visibility on each business transactions and get to know when and where does your app gets decelerated. Supports every language, frameworks and libraries such as PHP, Node.js, Java, Angular, React etc.
  • Appdynamics - Cisco Appdynamics is a real-time end-to-end visibility into application performance which monitors and traces your slowest business transactions which helps in troubleshooting the issues and improve end user-experience.
  • NewRelic - NewRelic has become the most popular tool in the market which is being used by many organizations. Drill down performance-related issues in your application and optimize your application to avoid bad-user experience.
  • Sentry - Monitors and manages the performance issues that occurs in your application and ensures the availability of your application. Gain insights into how your app performance issues impacts the business and optimize them before it could cause more damages.
  • Datadog - This tool helps you in optimizing your application performance in real-time by detecting the db performance bottlenecks, slowest external requests, slowest transactions and so on. You can reproduce and resolve them to improvise your app performance which  boost your organization's revenue.
  • Stackify Retrace - Stackify Retrace lets developers to detect errors and issues related to app performance to optimize and enhance the application which helps in increasing the productivity and revenue of your organization.
  • ScoutAPM - ScoutAPM/Solarwinds provides deep insights with detailed report on your application performance issues and is a cost-effective performance monitoring tool.
  • Dynatrace - Dynatrace automatically discovers issues which slows down your application performance and checks how they are performing, analyzes and helps you in optimizing your application.
  • Site24x7 - It is diagnostic tool which identifies the errors, analyzes it, understands the application's behaviour and helps you in optimizing your application to deliver the best application to your users.
  • Sematext - Monitor your application with Sematext APM and get end-to-end visibility of every requests and ensure your application performs as expected.

Benefits of Using the Right APM Tools

  • Increase in Revenue
    Applications are businesses in most of the organization. The slowness of your application may have an negative impact on sales and revenue. To improve the performance of your application you need to identify the issues which slows down the app performance. Thus APM tools automatically detect and analyze issues and present you with an outstanding insights using which you can optimize your application.
  • Enhanced End User Experience
    Users expect an extraordinary experience while accessing each sites and applications. An efficient APM solution would detect issues and helps you in resolving them before it could impact your customers.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    It is difficult to know whether your customer gets satisfied with your application. Customer satisfaction is the key to ensure whether your application performs as expected. With APM tools you can identify the bugs that frustrate your customers and improve them shortly through which you can retain your customers.
  • Increase in Productivity
    Using APM tools you can directly measure and analyze the issue that occurs in your application which reduces most of the manual works. Higher productivity increases the wages. Monitoring your application on a regular basis brings effectiveness in your application.
  • Enhanced Google Ranking
    Google ranking is one of the most important aspect to drive customers into your website and applications. Improve your app performance and enhance your ranking in the google search results. With high Apdex scores and great user-experience your application drives huge internet traffic.


Today's applications environments are highly distributed and complex so any part of your application may slow down the performance which is you are in need of APM tools.

There are many APM tools available in the market, always compare and analyze the best tool for your organization. Deliver the best application to your customers by measuring the app performance with the best APM tools in the market place. This will help your developers to build the bug-free sites and applications. Hope this blog might be useful while choosing an Application Performance Monitoring tool for your organization.

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