Monitoring Heroku apps with Atatus

Heroku was developed by James Lindenbaum, Adam Wiggins and Orion Henry to provide services, workflows and polyglot support to enhance developer productivity. Heroku is a container-based cloud Platform as a Service (PAAS). With Heroku, developers can deploy, manage and scale modern applications. Initially, Heroku supported only Ruby but later it added support for Java, Node.js, Python, PHP etc.

Monitoring applications help you in finding the issues earlier and enables you to fix the issues as soon as possible. By monitoring applications constantly, you can get regular feedback on how your application in Heroku environment works. This could not be done manually each time since humans are prone to make errors. That's why monitoring tools are built to automate the entire process to detect the errors faster and to know the uptime and downtime of your systems which helps in optimizing the applications

Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time - By George Bernard Shaw

Making mistakes are fine but repeating them while developing your application would decelerate your productivity which causes severe consequences in your business.

There are two most important factors in the app's performance - Speed and Throughput. Speed is about how fast your application responds for any user's request and throughput is about handling the simultaneous requests at the same time. If any one of these slows down your application, the performance will get affected which in turn affects your business revenue.

Monitor Heroku apps with Atatus

Atatus, a real-time and full-stack monitoring tool let you find the performance-related errors in your application. Monitoring your Heroku applications with Atatus has become easier since it detects bugs at a faster rate and provides detailed insights through which you can resolve issues before your end-user could experience them.

Atatus APM is available as a Heroku add-on which lets you find the difficulties in the most complex and distributes applications. Quickly analyzes issues and provides you with a detailed report with intelligent graphs and charts about your errors. The Atatus dashboard allows you to see what sort of exceptions are affecting your application's performance at the point and provides you with great insights about the exceptions and lets you resolve them before it could affect your entire business.

The installation set up is made easier with intelligent documentation through the step by step instructions with explanations using which you can easily integrate your Heroku application with Atatus. To provision the add-on and to configure Atatus agent you can follow the steps provided in the documentation. You can also delete the account whenever you want, follow the steps provided in the uninstall documentation by Atatus to delete an account or uninstalling agent.

After the setup process has been done you will receive data within few minutes. View the performance-related data in Atatus dashboard by following the steps:

  • Pick the app where Atatus APM add-on is installed from Heroku dashboard
  • From the list of add-ons select the Atatus APM add-on
  • You will be redirected into your Atatus Account via SSO
  • You can view all your insights in Atatus APM dashboard

See detailed information about how your app performs seamlessly and resolve the issues before it affects your end-user experience.

Features offered by Atatus

  • Performance - Gain insights on performance-related issues about when and where does your application slow down.
  • Traces - Track each transaction to find out the exact transaction which slows down your application.
  • Database Calls - Monitor your database calls and find the slowest queries that decelerate the performance of your application and optimize them.
  • External Requests - Track performance details of each external API calls including the percentage of time consumed, average, minimum and maximum response time and calls per minute.
  • Exceptions - Acquire full stack trace whenever an exception occurs with the stack trace, request headers, versions and much more.
  • Deployment Tracking - Worried about the performance while upgrading your application? - Notify atatus while deploying new codes to monitor and detect issues in the new code.
  • Alerting - Better notice the error earlier before it becomes a crucial issue. Atatus notifies you as quickly as possible using  Slack, PagerDuty etc. whenever it notices an error and you can fix them immediately with your team.

Supported Platforms

Atatus add-on supports almost top technologies using which you can monitor your applications. Our teams are working hard to provide more platforms to all the developers out there who find difficulties in detecting the issues manually.

Available Pricing Plans

Unsure about choosing the pricing plan that fits your need! Analyze and choose the best pricing plan that works at any scale and meet all your needs.

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get" - By Warren Buffett

Our pricing plans are extremely simple, affordable and transparent compared to other monitoring tools and you can also contact our team for larger plans. Supercharge your organization's productivity with us. Join Atatus family and pay for only what you need. Start your free-trial and pick a plan later.

Get to know the outstanding pricing plans in the documentation. Talk to us about your specific requirements. We can work with you to build a plan that would suit you.


Building applications has become easy for all the developers while detecting all the possible errors become difficult. To resolve this developers can use monitoring tools using which you can detect the issues automatically. Atatus would be the right service to monitor your application seamlessly. You can increase your productivity and boost your revenue with the help of Atatus by identifying the errors and resolving them at the right time.

Sign up with Atatus and Start your 14-day free trial - No credit card required. We would love to hear feedback from you!


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