See what’s affecting your software performance

Visualize clearly how your apps are performing and gain insights across every layers of your software stack
with in-depth performance and error analysis.

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Performance monitoring and Error tracking in one platform

Application Monitoring

Find where your app is slowing down, what you need to optimize and how you can improve your app performance.

Browser Monitoring

Visualize exactly how your visitors are experiencing your web and mobile apps from page load performance to AJAX response time.

Exception Tracking

Deep insights of crashes that helps you pinpoint the exact line of code. Replay the error at your end and fix them.

  • Application Performance Monitoring

    See detailed information of how your application performs

    Proactively gain insights into application's end-to-end business transactions, database query performance, list of remote services and errors from every aspect of your environment. Atatus makes application monitoring easier!

  • Read more about APM
  • Browser Monitoring

    Get visibility of your modern browser-side applications

    Take advantage of your mobile and web app monitoring to discover fundamental bottlenecks of your customer's end user experience through page load timing, XHR response time and key transactions.

  • Peak into browser monitoring
  • Error Tracking

    Catching an error before the customer sees is priceless.

    When JavaScript error or application crashes happen, view the complete stacktrace with the line of code that caused it and the context in which it occurred in one place. Replay the exact steps and fix bugs faster.

  • See inside error tracking

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