Aiswarya S

Aiswarya S

Writes technical articles at Atatus.

Parsing PHP data with JSON encode and decode functions

The problem with XML data type is that it is verbose, large, and expressing node relationships is difficult; this creates redundancy and will slow down your applications’ processing powers. This problem is sorted with the lightweight text-based data transfer format - JSON.

Top 10 PHP Frameworks in 2023

PHP is a powerful server-side programming language used by multiple technocrats. We will take a look at some of the best PHP Frameworks for getting started.

Logstash Alternatives in 2023: 10 Best Options

Logstash is an open-source data processing pipeline that ingests, transforms, and sends data to a specified output destination. But, its output performance and resource consumption have been a stick in the mud. Here we will provide you with the 10 best alternatives for Logstash.

A beginner's guide to using CSS variables

CSS variables are entities that store specific values that can be reused throughout a website or application. The ease with which codes can be used throughout the website or application makes updating and styling them effortless and undemanding.

Monitor your entire software stack

Gain end-to-end visibility of every business transaction and see how each layer of your software stack affects your customer experience.