10 Most Significant Vue.js UI Component Libraries in 2024

Vue.js, popularly known as Vue is an open-source model which is quite popular in javascript. Vue.js is a progressive javascript framework, which is used to build UIS (user interfaces) and SPAs (single page applications). It is quite famous for its fast-moving curves.

Day by day Vue has collected a lot of victories, since its establishment in 2014. The main reason for its victory by winning the hearts of many developers is its flexibility, ease of use and simplicity.

The main advantage of Vue is its easy learning process, approachable library and if you know HTML, CSS and javascript you can easily start building a web application on your own.

The main reason for the establishment of Vue is to create the best framework by combining the best features of already existing frameworks like Angular and React. And the idea of Evan You, the creator of Vue, has worked perfectly by bringing a lot of glory for Vue over the past few years. Before Vue, Evan has been working in google.inc on Angular based projects.

The growth of Vue is enormous and has inspired a lot o new developers to create an app for their own. Only after four years of its creation that is in 2018, Vue has started to beat its competitors Angular and React and it surpassed React’s star count on GitHub.

As a result of its rapid growth, more members started to create packages to simplify various aspects of development with Vue.

What is a Component Library?

A component library is a very essential thing when it comes to scaling. This helps in fast scaling. If you take some examples like Netflix, Uber and Twilio, they have speedy and impressive growth using design systems built using component libraries.

A library helps in compromising multiple building blocks using which a developer can seamlessly develop user interfaces. This usually includes platform-specific or cross-platform elements like scrolling lists, buttons, tab bars headers and many more.

Libraries are so important these days, because it enhances the overall look, feel, interactivity and accessibility of the application will be maintained comfortingly.

A component library has two parts.

  1. UI – takes care of user interface
  2. UX – takes care of user experience

The Vue.js development is exceptionally simplified because of these Vue.js component libraries.

Here, let us discuss the top 10 Vue component libraries and the in-depth reviews of each component for the year 2021.

Top 10 Vue Component Libraries in 2021

Picking the proper Vue component library for your application could be problematic since there are a lot of libraries available nowadays.

To make your task easy and simple we have collected the 10 best Vue component libraries that are popular among developers.

  1. Element UI
  2. Vue Material Kit
  3. Vuetify
  4. Buefy
  5. Quasar
  6. VUX
  7. iView
  8. Mint UI
  9. Bootstrap Vue
  10. Eagle.JS

#1 Element UI

The Element UI library is a boon for all developers, designers and product managers. This magic library has various versions for Angular as well as React and is specifically reliable for desktop applications.

It has crossed more than 45k stars on Github and has successfully more than 500 contributors. Most of the documentation is in Chinese since it is created in China. However, you can find Spanish and English translations.

Element UI
Element UI

It includes smallest possible details required for the development, which draws the attention of many people these days. The makers have made it based on a design system.

#2 Vue Material Kit

Vue Material Kit is a beautiful resource built over Vue Material and Vue.js. It will help you get started developing UI kits in no time. Vue material kit contains handpicked and optimized Vue.js plugins. Everything is designed to fit on another.

Material Kit is a Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit with a fresh, new design inspired by Google's material design. Along with the restyling of the Bootstrap elements, you will find three fully-coded example pages, to help you design your next project. Material Kit makes use of light, surface and movement.

Vue Material Kit
Vue Material Kit

Vue material provides more than 56 components to build different types of layouts. However, it is required to have basic knowledge of JavaScript, Vue.js and Vue router for implementing the library component elements. You can customize the dashboard by using a wide range of components, putting them together, and creating compelling products.

#3 Vuetify

An unofficial library that works with Vue’s server-side rendering is Vuetify. It helps in creating clean, semantic, reusable UI components and makes the process of developing an interesting event.

One thing that differentiates Vuetify from others is the availability of ready-made scaffolding for code in the form of pre-made Vue CLI.


It has more than 23k stars on Github and its popularity and growth have been tremendous in the past few years.

It has a colourful community behind it and has more than 400 contributors who have created more than 20 vuetify plugins.

#4 Buefy

The core principle of Buefy comprises two main principles. First thing is to keep things simple and the second thing is to keep them lightweight.

Buefy provides lightweight UI components for Vue.js based on Bulma. It simply adds a javascript layer for interfaces created with Bulma CSS.


The component follows Bulma design and some of the material design UX. It is extra popular for its 40 extraordinary components and has gained around 7k stars on Github.

#5 Quasar

Quasar is a power-packed framework that has over 81 components. If you are planning to develop a highly robust and responsive web and mobile application using Vue.js then, you should use quasar.

It is an extensive library on the list that does not have less than 19K downloads weekly. If a developer plans to integrate this, things will move more swiftly in the development process.


It has captured over 14.6K stars on Github, because of its extended support to minification and caching. It has very easily accessible components.

#6 VUX

An excellent UI library created by the minds who worked behind Wechat is Vux. It provides mobile UI components based on Vue and WeUI.

This library also originated in China, and so the majority of the documentation will be in Chinese with a little bit of English translation here and there.


The Vux community is active and helpful. If you have any doubt during the process of development or while reading the documentation, you can easily approach the community members.

It has more than 16K stars on GitHub and 1k downloads weekly. Vue.js component library is giving a tough fight to the others on the list.

#7 iView

If you are looking for a Vue.js UI component library that provides an elegant design, then you should refer to iView.

It is a high-quality UI toolkit built on Vue.js 2.0. The library has its own CLI tool, Iview CLI, that facilitates a visual tool for developing projects and offline documentation.


Like other popular Vue.js component libraries, it is also gaining a lot of popularity and has more than 23K stars on Github with a weekly download of 10K. You can refer to the guide you through the basics of the library.

#8 Mint UI

It has a pool of CSS and JS components available for building mobile applications. It is a lightweight Vue UI component library based on Babel javascript compiler.

Mint UI is exceptionally lightweight and highly suitable for developing mobile applications.

Mint UI
Mint UI

Like other Vue component libraries, even this has a popularity of more than over 15K stars on Github and 3K times more download rates every week.

This UI library is well known for its intelligence loads on demand and importing components only when needed.

This process is the reason behind the lightweight of the Mint UI. It gives an IOS like theme for various components of the application.

#9 Bootstrap Vue

Is there anybody who does not know the bootstrap library?

If you integrate this library, you are bringing the potential of bootstrap into your Vue.js application development. Bootstrap Vue is a UI kit dependent on bootstrap libraries.

It provides various bootstrap themes in abundance for easy and intuitive application development. It ensures that you get a responsive and a mobile-first by providing you with ready-made UI components and grid systems.

Bootstrap Vue
Bootstrap Vue

By using Bootstrap Vue, without a doubt, we would say, you can build applications in the fastest way. The library collects 10K stars on Github and 200K downloads. The clear and concise documentation makes it more favourable amongst the developers.

You can rely on Bootstrap Vue if you are starting a project with Vue. The bootstrap community is also quite strong and active.

#10 Eagle.JS

You can easily create a slideshow by using Eagle.js. It provides a bucket full of themes, animations, widgets and styles to personalize your application.


This Vue component has quite a few popularity even though it lacks adequate documentation.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, when choosing among the top vue frameworks mentioned in this article, it's important to understand what each framework brings to the table.

Before choosing the best framework for your project, be sure to think about your team's technical skills, the scope of your project, and how easy it will be to add new features.

Below are a couple of frameworks used in top organizations:

  1. Element UI - Well implemented and easy to use
  2. Vue Material Kit - Flexible, light-weight, easy-to-use
  3. Vuetify - Perfect choice if you're building professional websites
  4. Buefy - Great one for building interactive web applications
  5. Quasar - It would be a great option for developers who wants to deploy to multiple platforms

Hope this guide help you gain that understanding and point you in the right direction towards choosing a front-end framework that will help you to deliver a great product.

Do drop your favourite Vue framework that we have missed in this article in the below comment section.

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