8 Emerging Web Development Trends in 2024 and Beyond

What’s trending in web design and development?

Like humans, technology also continues to evolve as we find new innovations, doing things faster and make them work flair than they did before. This increasing attention to responsive web design is partly because of the increased usability and the performance it brings to the users.

Each year, developers are always discovering new technologies that can keep them in the competition. These trends offer a lot of opportunities to entrepreneurs to engage more users and increase their revenue.

Here is the list of web development trends that we have considered:

  1. JavaScript Frameworks
  2. Motion UI
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Bots
  4. Single Page Application
  5. Serverless Architecture and Application
  6. Internet of Things
  7. Progressive Web Application
  8. Accelerated Mobile Pages

In order to keep up with what is happening in web development, keep reading!!!

#1 JavaScript Frameworks

Even though JavaScript wasn’t invented yesterday, it is considered to be one of the most used programming languages which makes every innovation concerning it that much. In current times, new website trends are including the rise and further development of JavaScript frameworks.

A JavaScript framework is an application framework written in JavaScript, which differs from a JavaScript library. A library offers functions to be called by its parent code, while a JavaScript framework defines the entire application design. A developer doesn’t need to call the framework, it calls and uses the code in some particular way.

JavaScript framework involves UI, UX, testing, and product management aspects. Usage of the framework will be based on ready components one needs to compose working on a website.

According to 2020 Developer Survey in Stack Overflow the most popular frameworks are JavaScript based frameworks year over year.

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Some JavaScript frameworks follow the model-view-controller pattern designed to segregate a web application into orthogonal units to improve code quality and maintainability.


These frameworks will continue to be on the list of popular products in 2021.

#2 Motion UI

When a user visits a website, it shouldn’t confuse them with where to go next. Motion design helps to create an intuitive interface that guides users to what to do next and where to focus on the page.

Motion UI makes web applications respond to users by creating a more fluid and enjoyable user experience, which involves the use of visual cues.

According to the Salesforce Report, 84% of the customer experience a company provides is important as much as the company's product or service.

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Motion UI is a powerful front-end library, which helps with the creation of customized UI elements. By using it, you can construct modular scrolling, animated charts, background animations, etc. All of these and other elements will help you to create your unique style and keep your users entertained.

To begin creating your own style, start by using an online template editor like Wepik. The interface allows you to choose from a variety of templates and customize them according to your requirements. It also comes with a vast gallery of images, icons, fonts and other elements that can be used in designing an app.

Motion UI turns out to be even more helpful in creating a progressive web application design. Also, it helps to boost your web application rankings in search engine results.

It is one of the most important trends in web development that make UI design simpler, interactive, and faster.

#3 Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

A type of business that works across different time zones and has representation on various continents makes good customer service a very complex and costly task, especially considering 24/7 support which is needed in this case.

The chatbots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) can learn, collect data, or solve difficult issues. AI is considered one of the most influential technologies that shape the web development future. Thus, the companies that have AI-enabled communication will become more widespread in 2021.

We can see many AI chatbots, virtual assistants, and voice bots as the latest web industry trends. These technologies help companies to engage and upgrade user interaction.

AI chatbots help lots of businesses to perform operations faster by using text or voice chats. Nowadays, it is important to consider the latest website development trends to stay in the market. By considering the fact, AI chatbots are crucial for all sizes of businesses to provide continuous customer engagement.

Let’s look at the statistics which explain the future of AI-powered chatbots in web development.

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Chatbots are already having a significant impact on customer service and marketing in many companies. However, the customers using AI technology extend far beyond these areas.

#4 Single Page Application

A SPA or a single-page application is an application that works inside a browser and doesn’t require page reloading while using. Using SPA, there is no need to be stuck on an approach where every action reloads the whole page again.

When you click on various buttons that will load on the same page, no need to wait for the browser to reload. SPA loads only mark-up and data to dynamically render them on a single web page.

Using SPA, visitors feel like they browse a single page for all their needs. A perfect set of examples for SPA are Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, Facebook, and Twitter. One of the advantages of SPA is their UX provides a maximally natural environment for the user.

Benefits of SPA:

  • Fast and responsive
  • Simplified development
  • Caching capabilities
  • Increase performance
  • Linear user experience
  • Reduce page reloading
  • Debugging with chrome

There is no doubt, Single-Page Application is one of the most emerging web development trends of 2021.

#5 Serverless Architecture and Application

Serverless technology is used to avoid system overloading, data loss, or costly development. It helps to reduce development and ongoing support budgets, make the internet environment more sustainable, and strengthen apps with flexibility potential.

It implies programmers build and run their web applications without worrying about servers. However, these applications still running on servers but supported by the cloud.

Serverless technology used for chatbots, Amazon Web Service, IoT apps, products that need complex backend requests proceeding, and APIs. The most common tasks are downloading file backups, notification delivery, and objects export.

Serverless technology is the most interesting current web trend. Advantages of serverless technology:

  • Scalable
  • Faster
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Low maintenance

#6 Internet Of Things

The internet has changed everything such as education, management, healthcare, and even the way we interact with our friends. According to statistics, there are 13.8 billion active connections of IoT devices at the end of 2012 around worldwide.

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The IoT is defined as the inter-connectivity of computer devices in everyday objects to the internet. It makes your home devices accessible via your phone. It deals with massive amounts of data that collects data from sensors, processed, and transferred through the cloud which makes any delays in the system impossible.

The technology assures high-security data connecting for processes, accurate results, and building a dynamic and interactive user experience. IoT implements into web development that supports mobile platforms like smartwatches, personal assistants, chatbots integrations, and computing devices.

The reason why the Internet of Things exists and develops is that it has the ability to make human life easier and more convenient. The role of the IoT is growing continuously, and business owners are going to deliver explicit web results with the help of the technology.

Advantage of IoT:

  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Security and support

#7 Progressive Web Application

There won’t be a list of web development trends without mentioning Progressive Web Application. A PWA is an application that works as a website that runs independently of the browser and interacts with the customer as a native application. It has a fully native mobile application experience.

It is lighter and faster to download and can operate offline, send push notifications, and create a user experience like native apps. The development process is also less challenging compared to native applications.

A large company like Forbes, Starbucks, Pinterest, Alibaba, Twitter, and The Washington Post have built PWAs to provide responsive performance for their customers.

PWA developers have to monitor only one codebase. Once the app is ready, just upload it to the server without buying a license from the app store.

Advantage of PWA:

  • Easy distribution
  • Low development and support costs
  • Quick launch to the store
  • Easy installation
  • Less usage of storage and power
  • Seamless maintenance

#8 Accelerated Mobile Pages

Some study shows that a second delay in the web page speed can reduce conversion by 7%.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is used to speed up page performance and decrease the risk of leaving it by a user. This technology is similar to Progressive Web Application (PWA). This technology will encourage to build of websites that load instantly and work smoothly across mobile devices.

AMP optimized pages could operate with basic features like fast, simplified, and convenient design compared to full-scope web products. Those pages are mobile-friendly and readable. Also, it can load within 2 seconds.

The pages become accelerated due to open-source plugins developed by Twitter and Google. This type of open-source library for creating websites, web pages, and web applications with HTML makes it super lightweight and fast loading.

Even though AMP has proven to be a successful standard for news websites but also for lead generation and e-commerce websites benefit from improves website speed and search engine rankings.

Final words

The current trends in web development transform the way businesses can interact with their customer. We have discussed emerging technologies in web development that boost your engagement. By using the latest technologies, websites can stay competitive and give a great user experience.

If you have planned to update your web product in 2021, it is definitely a good thought to look through the trends in web development and think of which one can be useful for you.

If you want to add some technology to the list of web development trends, share it with us at Atatus.



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