Introducing Atatus Log Monitoring

Log Monitoring is a crucial step in ensuring to know what’s happening in all your servers from a single location.

Did you know Log Monitoring tools are implemented by the strategy called “defense-in-depth”?

This strategy includes preventive, detective, and corrective security measures. An example of how defense-in-depth has been employed historically, the combination of fortress walls (preventative) with watchmen perched atop them at strategic points (detective). The way of how we find detection and defensive tactics to counter-attack is more important to the ongoing protection of assets. Successful detection are predicated on having actionable intelligence. Actionable intelligence requires security errors and the state of assets to be monitored continuously.

Boom!!! That’s where the log monitoring concept developed, and now we have many log monitoring tools in the market.

Issues that users face in the log monitoring tool:

  • Can I get an easy log analyser tool with more filter and insight options over here?
  • Where are the Key Events?
  • How to correlate the data?
  • Is there a log monitor that normalizes the data at the collection stage?

Atatus Log Monitoring

We considered all the above points while we designed our tool. With Atatus Log Analyzer, you can monitor and collect logs from your log files, servers, applications, networks, and security devices. It enables you to detect a particular log message with ease and monitor multiple log files in multiple hosts.

Here are the list of log monitoring features:

  1. Log Explorer
  2. Live Tail
  3. Log Analytics
  4. Alerting
  5. Integrations

#1 Log Explorer

By clicking on a particular event, you can view the entire event information such as Hostname, Source, Service, Tags, and Messages. It analyses a specific log event to check out the root cause of an issue.

Atatus offers a simple magic link through which you can share particular log information within your team and resolve it as soon as possible.

Log Explorer

#2 Live Tail

For logs to be in the defense of information assets, they must be monitored and analysed in real-time as possible so that errors can be detected quickly and appropriate countermeasures deploy to augment existing errors when and where necessary.

Live Tail Feature

Using the Live Tail feature, you can view all your log events in real-time from anywhere in your infrastructure. If you notice an error or any important log information, you can pause the stream and take a deep look into a specific event and fix them as quickly as possible.

#3 Log Analytics

Logging system messages and events in security logs may prove helpful for future reference. But having security logs without procedures to review actively and analyse them is of little use in the ongoing management of information security defences, and is the modern equivalent of fortress walls without watchmen.

Using the insights and filter options, you can brilliantly sort and view the log event count information based on your preferences.

#4 Alerting

If errors are left unnoticed, it would affect your application, so get notified about your errors immediately with Atatus alert policies. Check out the documentation for more information about alert rules and policies.

Alerting for Error Events

#5 Integrations

We support simple integration, where you can just enable logs for the below set of modules and automatically atatus-infra-agent will start collecting logs for these specific modules along with it's attributes listed

  1. MySQL
  2. MongoDB
  3. PostgreSQL
  4. Redis
  5. Nginx
  6. ElasticSearch
  7. HAProxy
  8. Docker
  9. Custom Files

And more are on the way

Logging is Mandatory!!!

When implementing proper log monitoring, allows the organization to focus its efforts on the risks and activities that are the most concerning to the business. This ensures the business objectives remain aligned and the security operations remain relevant.

At some point, someone or something will overcome or circumvent the security controls in place. Without the necessary tools to detect and respond to such instances of such failures in security controls, the whole point of a defense-in-depth security (Log Monitoring) strategy seems to get lost in the shuffle.

With proper log monitoring tool, efforts to protect will remain even. So don’t take the chances of finding issues too late, use the Atatus Log Monitoring tool instead.



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