Top 5 New Relic Competitors and Alternatives to Try

New Relic is one popular SaaS-based Application Performance Management capable of providing you with a flexible and dynamic approach to monitoring. But, if you are looking for an APM that you can get started quickly, requiring minimal training or experience, New Relic may not be for you. However, you may already start looking for New Relic competitors and Alternatives.

The comprehensive features of New Relic come with a steeper learning curve, making it less user-friendly for some.

If you fall into the category of users seeking a more straightforward and accessible monitoring experience, exploring alternatives to New Relic becomes crucial. Fortunately, the market offers a range of options that cater to varying levels of expertise. These alternatives are not only simpler to use but also provide unique features and capabilities to meet diverse monitoring needs.

We'll cover the following sections.

  1. About New Relic One
  2. Why do you need alternatives for New Relic One
  3. Top 5 New Relic Alternatives

About New Relic One

Firstly, we have to know about New Relic.

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New Relic is an observability platform built for professionals to create more perfect software. From monoliths to serverless, you can instruct everything, then analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize your complete software from one place.  

With a telemetry data platform, you can collect data in one place to deliver full-stack observability and power AI-driven insights, and also you can confidently improve service reliability and accelerate time to market.

Pricing can get through quotation and free access to all products after sign-up with no credit card policy.

Features: Application Performance Monitoring (APM), Log Analysis, IT Alerting, Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring, Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), AIOps Platforms, Incident Management, Server Monitoring, and Log Monitoring

Supported Programming Languages: Java, Node.js, Python, Go, .NET, PHP, and Ruby.

Deployment: Web-based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, and Android.

Why do you need alternatives for New Relic?

New Relic is considered to be effective but some may feel it is not cost-effective for small-medium-size businesses and comes with a very high learning curve.

The two main reasons why you would like to look for an alternative are:

  • Quite Expensive
  • Complicated UI

Top 5 New Relic Alternatives

This guide shows some of the best New Relic One competitors on the market today. These tools offer similar sophisticated capabilities, but they are affordable, work out-of-the-box, and exclude the initial learning curve.

Read on to find out the New Relic alternatives.

#1 Atatus

APM Dashboard

Atatus is the simplest and most powerful application performance management for your entire software. Also, it is one of the best New Relic competitors in the market.

We provide Real User Monitoring to improve frontend performance and Application Performance to measure database queries with transaction traces. You can know who, when, and what caused the performance issue from the bottleneck.

It also monitors the health of your application and gives alerts when issues arise. You can resolve performance issues before your customers are impacted.


Application Performance Monitoring - With actionable insights and workflow, you can isolate and resolve application performance errors completely. You can learn more about it here.

Brower Monitoring - By Real User Monitoring (RUM), you can analyze and resolve the poor application performance. Take a look at its features here.

Infrastructure Monitoring - It is an overall health checker of your application, which includes the performance of hosts, CPU, memory, disk utilization, network packets, and slowdowns of hosts. Read more here.

Logs Monitoring - You can monitor all your logs in one place. You can filter them, get alerts for specific log messages, understand together what happens when. And more.

Error Tracking - We provide detailed diagnostics for all errors including stack traces, function and class name, and more by tracking errors in real-time.

Bug Tracking. We provide a repository that explains how to reproduce a bug and widespread an issue. It allows you to separate, prioritize, sequence, and provide communication about different bugs across the entire application.

Supported Programming Languages: PHP, Node.js, Java, Ruby, Python, and React. We are currently working on the .NET and Go languages.

Deployment: Web-based, Cloud, SaaS

Atatus Pricing can get through quotation and a 14-days unlimited free trial with no credit card policy.

#2 Appdynamics

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AppDynamics is an application intelligence, which has real-time insights into an application, user, and business performance.

It is an integrated suite built on an innovative, enterprise-grade App iQ platform, which enables the user to make faster decisions that enhance operational improvement, business performance, and customer engagement.

The operational agents give an overview and understanding of every process and transaction by constructing a complete view of it. Then, sends the information to a centralized controller to get a baseline of each service. If the service gets below or beyond that baseline, you will get an alert to adjust or fix accordingly.

Features: Application Performance Management, Cloud Management, Database Management, IT Management, IoT, and Mobile Analytics

Unique Feature from New Relic: SAP App Centre, Container Monitoring, and ServiceNow Store App

Supported Programming Languages: Java, C++, .NET, Python, PHP, Go and Node.js

Deployment: Web-based, Cloud, SaaS, and Mac.

Pricing can get through quotation and a 15-days free trial with no credit card policy.

#3 Datadog

Metrics, Traces, and Logs
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Datadog is an essential application for the hybrid cloud environment. It is the monitoring, security, and analytics platform for professionals and one of the best New Relic competitors. They provide end-to-end visibility by collecting events, logs, and metrics from more than 400 technologies.

This application provides real-time observability through integrating and automating infrastructure and performance monitoring. It is used by all sizes of organizations to enable cloud migration.

Its log management with rich and correlated data accelerates troubleshooting efforts. With a dynamic index, you can collect, inspect, and store all your logs in a cost-effective way

Features: Application Performance Management, Log Management, Cloud Management, Real User Monitoring, Incident Management, Network Monitoring, and Synthetic Monitoring.

Unique Feature from New Relic: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Incident Response, API Marketplace, Container Monitoring, IoT Analytics, and Enterprise Monitoring.

Supported Programming Languages: .NET, Go, Java, PHP, Python, and Ruby.

Deployment: Web-based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/iPad, and Android.


  • Application Performance Management starts at $31/month.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring is available for free, Pro ($15/month/host), and Enterprise ($31/month/host).

A 14-days free trial with no credit card policy after sign-up.

#4 Dynatrace

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Dynatrace is one of the well-known New Relic competitors, offering both application performance management and infrastructure monitoring. It provides application intelligence to simplify cloud management and accelerate digital transformation.

Davis, Dynatrace AI assistant processes dependencies to facilitate metrics and answers automatically. They provide OneAgent, which discovers all the processes running on a host and activates instrumentation for your stack.

Their machine learning technology automatically learns what normal performance looks like, and dynamically adapts to the environmental changes. Also, their automation capabilities are impressive and benefit from providing more detailed insight into metrics. The APM tool includes infrastructure monitoring and AIOps, which makes it a versatile New Relic Competitor.

Features: Log Management, Application Performance Management, Cloud Management, Database Monitoring, Incident Management, Networking Monitoring, and SIEM.

Unique Feature from New Relic: Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP), Network Monitoring, Incident Response, Container Monitoring, ServiceNow Store App, Website Monitoring, Database Monitoring, Enterprise Monitoring, and SAP App Centre.

Supported Programming Languages: Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, and Golang. For Python

Deployment: Web-based, Cloud, SaaS, Mac, and Windows.


  • Full-stack Monitoring starts at $69/month.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring starts at $21/month.
  • Digital Experience Monitoring starts at $11/month.

A 15-days free trial with no credit card policy.

#5 Stackify

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Stackify Retrace provides infrastructure monitoring and application performance management with common logging frameworks for the entire stack. With full lifecycle development, it can be used for multiple role types.

Everything you need to know about your application, performance, and diagnostics is in one place that's why it is listed in New Relic competitors.

With lightweight code profiling, you can track and monitor all application and server metrics. Also, it can tell why your application failed and how to maintain and prevent it.

Their logs feature is a fully unified solution to aggregate your logs in application and server that can view from log statement from full transaction trace to monitor automated log queries.

Features: Application Performance Management, Application, and Server Monitoring, Real User Monitoring, Deployment Tracking, and Error Tracking.

Unique Feature from New Relic: Bug Tracking

Supported Programming Languages: .NET, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, and Java

Deployment: Web-based, Cloud, SaaS


  • Essential [$99/month] – It has common features such as Apdex Score, Errors, APM Metrics, App Score, SSO Basic, Custom Dashboards, Deployment Tracking, Infrastructure Monitoring, Unlimited Users, and Unlimited Integrations
  • Standard [$249/month] – Includes common features and more
  • Enterprise – Includes common features, Invoice Billing, and more

A 14-days free trial with no credit card policy after sign-up.

Had an idea???

When it comes to ease of use, I would highly recommend you to try Atatus. You do not need to take our word. You can read about what our customers say in G2 Crowd here.

We provide the simplest and most effective APM tool with error tracking to do your job and get productive output in a short time.

I believe this guide helps you to get an idea about New Relic competitors and alternatives, which have easy UI to use and minimum learning curve.

Do you have any suggestions about the New Relic alternatives? Share with us.


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