Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Get deep insight into front end performance issues affecting page load speed for your website and mobile apps using Atatus real user monitoring.

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Real User Monitoring

Complete view of your frontend performance

Correlate client-side performance to your digital business outcome. Dig into each session to analyze your end user performance and identify why user experiences poor performance and resolve them.

Real User Monitoring (RUM)

With end user performance monitoring analyze how your frontend performance impacts your customers. See complete waterfall view of all your assets, page load speed in real-time to root cause page performance issues.

Ajax Monitoring

Atatus provides visibility into the performance of AJAX calls made from your web apps to HTTP or HTTPS domains. Drill down to most time consuming AJAX calls and take corrective action.

Session Traces

With the session tracing, you can visualize your page loads with static assets and external API performance. Instead of extracting the logs from all of the participating services, monitor user journey on a timeline visualization.

JavaScript Error Tracking

Atatus pinpoints what crashed and why by collecting all JavaScript errors from your web apps with a detailed report that includes stack traces, browser, OS, URL, user and much more.

Atatus supports major front-end frameworks right out of the box.

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Real User Monitoring

Improve end user performance by understanding the complex frontend performance issues that arise due to slow page loads, delayed static assets and external API response.

Real User Monitoring

Deliver a higher quality web experience

Atatus monitors page performance in real time and gives you deeper insights into the actual user experience of your browser side applications.

Page load timeHistogramExperience
Page Load Time

Visualize performance trends

Don’t guess why your app is slow. Atatus tells you exactly where your app is spending its time. View breakdown of how the load time of each page in your website looks like. Know if the DOM Processing, Page Rendering or Network Latency affects your load times. Analyze performance data to see how fast your website loads for users from a specific country, browser or page.

Page Load Time Distribution

Load Time Distribution

You can learn about every visitor’s experience, in real time or during a selected time range. Correlate any sudden spikes in response times to updates that you made on your website and resolve the issue quickly.

User Experience

Enhance web performance

Specify what performance levels are considered satisfactory, tolerated and frustrating for your users. This lets you quickly see their overall level of satisfaction and helps you improve the user experience in your web app.

Ajax Monitoring

Understand how your network requests and route change performance has an influence on your frontend performance and end user experience.

Ajax Monitoring

Get deeper visibility into XHR requests

Group and drill down all your XHR requests through response time and data transfer. Identify AJAX status codes that cause poor user experience.

XHR timingHigh performanceFix failures
AJAX Response Time

Complete visibility into all outgoing requests

Every AJAX request is analyzed to capture, how your app is spending its time. Atatus reports site’s most resource-intensive AJAX requests by throughput, transferred data, received data, callback time and response time, giving you an accurate sense of what your customers are experiencing.

AJAX Data transfer

Design high performance API

You know your app is running slowly in production, but to know where it is actually spending all that time, look into the AJAX requests. Big Picture shows you where your app is getting bogged down. Find it on a beautiful visual graph that makes bottlenecks immediately obvious.

AJAX Error Status Codes

Rapidly analyze and resolve issues

Quickly understand about the 400 and 500 error status codes that lead to the bad user experience. Understand the most common status codes being returned for each of your AJAX calls and make your AJAX error free.

Session Traces

Visualize the complete trace of the page load speed, performance of the static assets, external requests to a third party or internal services in a waterfall view to understand and pinpoint failures.

Transaction Monitoring

Drill down into every sessions

Instrument sessions and visualize where your web app is spending its time. You can't improve what you can't measure.

Find Slowest AssetKey sessionsTake Action
Slowest assets

Look out for the slowest of the lot

Find out which of your assets are eating up most of the time, thereby you can dig into them and optimize the performances of such page views and increase the overall performances of your app.

Slowest pages

Understanding key sessions

Every session is analyzed to know where the critical resources are spending time. When it detects common mistakes that make sessions slower, Atatus will mark that session with a Heads-Up, letting you know where the low-hanging fruit is.

Transactions Throughput

Improve business performances

Atatus keeps a watchful eye on all user sessions, recent page views and errors they encounter, so your team can improve user acquisition and retention by proactively identifying, troubleshooting, and resolving it.

JavaScript Error Tracking

See the telemetry of the javascript error and retrace the user's steps that led up to the js error.

JavaScript Error Tracking

Capture and diagnose JavaScript errors with ease

Atatus pinpoints what crashed and why by collecting all javascript errors and crash events from your web apps with a detailed report that includes stack traces, URL, user, tags, custom data and much more. The issues that need your attention are notified.

TimelineError GroupingResolve
JavaScript Errors

Advanced crash diagnostics

Don't wait for your users to report problems. Get notified when something breaks and fix them before your users find it out. Atatus logs all the javascript errors along with your visitors' actions which lead to the exception. Replay the error at your end easily by following these steps.

JavaScript Errors Throughput

Intelligent Grouping

All similar JS errors that happen across different browsers and host are intelligently grouped into one. You can work on the group and also view the individual entries of the group. Keep your inbox clean with grouped error emails and daily digests of activity rather than being flooded with notifications.

JavaScript Errors Breakdown

Effectively diagnose your errors

Get a deeper insight of every production javascript error logged, on how and where it happened with user actions that provide the steps to reproduce, grouped by error count, URL, custom tags, browser, and OS.

Monitor and improve browser-side performance


You can just drop-in Atatus snippet in your web apps and start tracking JavaScript error and app performances. You don't need to change your code, just add two lines of code to start Atatus and you're done.

Source Maps

Atatus supports Source Maps to reverse JavaScript minification. This feature makes use of JavaScript Source Maps to translate the minified code references back into the original source in your error stack traces.

Minimum latency

Atatus JS agent is served from Cloudfront's real time content delivery network to your customers from the closest of data centers around the world, for minimum latency.

Less overhead

Atatus processes the performance and error metrics on our backend server, so that your app can improve your customer experience in a better way.

Smart notifications

When errors are picked up by Atatus, we’ll group them so you get notified when a new error happens and again when an error happens in quick succession.


Invite your team members and work together to resolve issues. Add comments to the errors, so that your team members who view the errors, get to know what and how the fix was made.

Full-text search

Search errors and performances by URL, browser, OS, version, user, device, message or tag in real-time. Filter and find exactly what you are looking for and zero-in on the root cause of the issues.

Tons of options

Atatus provides many options to customize how you want to capture errors. You can ignore errors by Regex, block or allow certain domains, take action before sending errors, log console messages and much more.