April 2024

Lambda Support

Lambda support is the platform's ability to monitor and analyze AWS Lambda functions. With Lambda support, you can gain the performance and behavior of your Lambda functions, including metrics such as execution duration, error rates, and resource utilization.

Before Atatus introduced Lambda support, monitoring and analyzing AWS Lambda functions typically involved using a combination of different tools, custom scripts, and manual processes.

Lambda Support

Lambda support provides several benefits for monitoring and managing AWS Lambda functions:

  1. Visibility into Function Performance: Atatus allows you to gain visibility into the performance of your Lambda functions by tracking metrics such as invocation count, duration, and error rates.

  2. Resource Utilization Optimization: By monitoring CPU usage, memory usage, and other resource metrics, you can optimize the resource allocation for your Lambda functions.

  3. Cost Management: Monitoring resource usage metrics allows you to manage better the costs associated with running serverless functions.

  4. Alerting and Notification: Atatus offers alerting and notification capabilities, which you can set up based on predefined thresholds or custom conditions.

  5. Integration with Other Components: Atatus integrates with other components of your application stack, allowing you to monitor your Lambda functions alongside other services and resources.

  6. Scalability and Growth: As your application scales and grows, Atatus scales with you, providing the monitoring capabilities you need to manage an increasing number of Lambda functions effectively. Whether you have a handful of functions or hundreds of them, Atatus helps you monitor and manage them efficiently.

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