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As a marketing platform, Atatus can help you get more clients. As an Atatus partner, you can help your clients grow.

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Become an affiliate Atatus

When you become an Atatus partner, you can use Atatus to power your business—and your clients’ by monitoring your services 24*7 without any hinderences. Use application performance monitoring tools to keep track of your errors and resolve them before your clients could experience them.

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Build trust with existing clients

Clients want to know they’re working with experts. Retain your clients with us by excellently monitoring. Measure both front-end and backend errors with us in an all-in-one dashboard and gain insightful metrics about your application performance bottlenecks.

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Manage client relationships

It is easy to manage your client relationships by providing an extra-ordinary service to them. To provide such services you should monitor your entire infrastructure and Atatus provides all-in-one platform solutions using which you can monitor your entire software stack.

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Track the errors with issue tracking softwares

Managing different types of errors can get messy. Click on an error and you can easily create issues in the issue tracking software to keep track of them.

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