Optimize your App developement

Catch performance issues and exceptions during your development cycle. Monitor your application round the clock with the help of Atatus, a real-time and full-stack performance monitoring tool which offers great insights on how your application works, what your users see. Improve and devlier the best the experience to your users.

App Enhance

Measure and enhance application's performance.

The Performance of your application matters a lot at present since there are lot of competitors in every organizations. Thus, monitoring your application consistently for its performance does not let you down anywhere and increases the productivity and revenue of your organization.

App Integrated

Gain insights in an integrated dashboard.

Gain in depth knowledge about your application's performance by monitoring them proactively. Atatus offers intuitive charts with great insights along with intelligent grouping using which you can view all the errors and its information at one end without any frustrations.

App Release

Compare releases.

Identify the changes in your application and ensure whether it is performing as expected. Compare the older and new releases of your application before it goes live to make sure it doesn't affect your older version. Delight your customers with more releases to avoid bad user-experience.

App Errors

Spot the errors.

Get to know the exact location of your errors and resolve them before your user experiences it. Atatus also offers the exact status code, HTTP failures with a full stack trace which will help you in clearing all the errors with ease.