SLA for your Infrastructure

Identify and resolve the issues proactively before end users experiences them. Monitor the entire infrastructure including servers, hosts and the processes with Atatus and simplify the complexity. With the help of Infrastructure monitoring, you can reduce the MTTR(mean-time-to-resolution) by resolving the issues rapidly.

IT Isssues

Identify, detect and resolve issues.

When performance related problems and issues are routine, Atatus helps in detecting the performance issues of your entire IT operations and resolve them on the spot with the help of your team-mates.

IT Integrated

Analyze system health.

Atatus offers great insights about your system's health such as servers and hosts in real-time and analyzes the performance of your processes, CPU, memory and disk utilizations. Get to know the processes that uses the most memory of your system and resolve issues.

IT Revenue

Avoid security breaches and increase your revenue.

Avoid critical issues which causes security breaches that may lead to severe downfall of your applications running on your system and reduces the revenue. Atatus lets you know all the issues and its metrics using which you can resolve the issues and boost your revenue.

IT Notified

Get notified.

With smart notifications, the errors are grouped and you will get notified whenever an error occurs in your application in a matter of minutes. You can share them with your team mates and resolve the issues without further delay and improve your application.