Maintain higher SLA with Performance Monitoring

We provide complete and real-time view of the status of applications, services, and infrastructure in the production environment. Atatus allows teams to respond to any degradation in the customer experience, quickly and automatically. Keep monitoring your services to detect performance bottlenecks with application monitoring.

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DevOps Insights

Continuous Monitoring in DevOps

We provide continuous monitoring in order to observe and detect compliance issues and security threats during each phase of the DevOps pipeline. The dev team will be notified in case any error arises in your production environment.

Server Monitoring

Measure for dependability and system health

Keep track of the entire system reliability, quality and its health. Atatus offers detailed insights such as uptime and downtime of your servers or hosts, utilization of CPU, disk and network etc.. and find out if your application uses more CPU or disk than the mentioned threshold value using infrastructure monitoring .

Deployment Tracking

Track frequent code changes

Watch every step you do in your business by monitoring your app consistently. Code changes may affect your app if is not properly tested. We provide insights by tracking your deployments and alert you if there is any error occurs in your app while making changes.

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