Stand out with customer experience

Atatus is a performance monitoring solution that reveals the issues in your app and helps you resolve them at the time they occur, keeping your customer experience at the top. We provide in-depth insights with which you can rectify the issues in your app before they cause customer dissatisfaction or revenue loss for your business.

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Error Deduction

Automate error detection for your business app

With Atatus products, instantly discover when and where exceptions or errors occurred in your app. We provide complete information about the errors with which you can dive straight in and fix the issue.

Business Impact

Analyze the business impact

Examine the business impact you are going to have and decide the priority of getting the defect fixed as soon as possible by monitoring your app consistently. Watch your customers more closely with our real user monitoring to identify the performance bottlenecks that they face while using your product.

Logs Monitoring

Gain insights on logs to enhance your app

Do not worry if errors are left unnoticed. We provide logs with the detailed metrics such as hostname, source, service, tags, and messages etc. of an error. Atatus provides access to the log files to figure out what went wrong at which transaction step. You can now monitor your log events in real time with logs monitoring .

Simple Pricing

Simple, transparent pricing for small scale business

It is the most important consideration for small scale businesses. Start monitoring your services at a nominal price which would fit your need. Choose exactly which product works for your business and you can pay for it.

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