Observability Platform for Release Teams

Enhance release quality, frequency, and operational efficiency through real-time monitoring of performance errors and correlated data across environments. Monitor the entire release management process from start to finish.

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Troubleshoot Issues

Boost Application Performance

We help you uncover performance bottlenecks in your application by pinpointing where it spends most of its time. Our insights include analyzing minimum and maximum response times, throughput, identifying slow transactions and queries, tracking exceptions, monitoring HTTP failure rates, and providing much more valuable data.

Monitor Infrastructure

Optimize Service Uptime

Prior to product release, it's essential to thoroughly inspect all servers, hosts, and packages to ensure availability. We aid in pinpointing critical components and interactions vital for reliable service through infrastructure monitoring. Establish threshold values to detect CPU usage, disk usage, and latency, and receive notifications upon exceeding these limits.

Release with confidence

Ensure Seamless Deployments

Monitor every deployment in real-time to identify errors and performance issues before customers do. You can observe the positive or negative impacts before and after release, tracking how specific deployments affect your software's health and performance. Additionally, ensure that issues are resolved with application monitoring at each deployment.

Eliminate Risky Bugs

Enhance Release Cycles and User Experience

We enable you to capture all errors along with detailed information, facilitating faster development cycles and ensuring error-free experiences for your users. We detect errors as soon as they occur and furnish you with the full stack trace and the precise line of code where the error occurred using our application monitoring tools.

FAQs on Observability Platform for Release Teams

What is Observability?

Observability refers to the capability of understanding a system's internal state and behavior based on its external outputs. In the context of software systems, observability encompasses the ability to monitor, trace, and analyze various aspects of the system's operation, such as logs, metrics, and traces.

It allows developers and operators to gain insights into how the system is performing, identify potential issues or anomalies, and troubleshoot problems effectively. Observability plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability, availability, and performance of complex software applications and infrastructure.

Why do release teams need an observability platform?

Release teams require an observability platform to ensure smooth deployments, identify and troubleshoot issues quickly, and continuously improve the reliability and performance of their applications.

How does Atatus help release teams with observability?

Atatus provides a comprehensive observability platform that aggregates and visualizes data from across your infrastructure, applications, and services. It offers features such as log management, infrastructure monitoring, APM (Application Performance Monitoring), and distributed tracing.

What are the benefits of using Atatus for release teams?

Some benefits include:

  1. Centralized Monitoring: Atatus aggregates data from various sources into a single platform, providing a unified view of your entire stack.
  2. Early Detection of Issues: With real-time alerts and anomaly detection, release teams can proactively identify and address issues before they impact users.
  3. Improved Collaboration: Atatus facilitates collaboration across teams by providing shared visibility into system performance and issues.
  4. Performance Optimization: Release teams can leverage Atatus's analytics and insights to optimize application performance and resource utilization.
How does Atatus help with incident response?

Atatus enables rapid incident response by providing real-time visibility into system performance and health. Teams can quickly pinpoint the root cause of incidents using features such as distributed tracing and log correlation, leading to faster resolution times.

Is Atatus's observability platform scalable for large and complex environments?

Yes, Atatus's observability platform is highly scalable and can accommodate large and complex environments with ease. It is designed to handle massive volumes of data, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes, from startups to enterprise-level deployments.

How does Atatus ensure data security and compliance?

Atatus takes data security and compliance seriously. It encrypts data in transit and at rest, follows industry best practices for access control, and complies with relevant regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. Users can also configure data retention policies to meet their compliance requirements.

How can release teams get started with Atatus?

Release teams can sign up for a Atatus account, install the Atatus agent on their servers or containers, and configure integrations to start collecting and visualizing data. Atatus also offers documentation, and support resources to assist with onboarding and adoption.

What products does Atatus provide?

Atatus supports a wide range of products across various domains to help organizations monitor and optimize their systems and applications.

  1. Application Performance Monitoring
  2. Real User Monitoring
  3. Synthetic Monitoring
  4. Logs Monitoring
  5. Infrastructure Monitoring
  6. API Analytics
  7. Database Monitoring
  8. Kubernetes Monitoring

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Atatus is a great product with great support. Super easy to integrate, it automatically hooks into everything. The support team and dev team were also very helpful in fixing a bug and updating the docs.
Tobias L
Full Stack Engineer, ClearVoyage
Atatus is powerful, flexible, scalable, and has assisted countless times to identify issues in record time. With user identification, insight into XHR requests to name a few it is the monitoring tool we choose for our SPAs.
Jan Paul
Jan-Paul B
Chief Executive Officer, iSavta
Atatus continues to deliver useful features based on customer feedback. Atatus support team has been responsive and gave visibility into their timeline of requested features.
Daniel G
Software Engineer, MYND Management

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