Release Engineering

Atatus is a full-stack, real-time monitoring tool for release managers that gives them full control over every stage of the release process. It enables them to find errors in the source code, organize the release by monitoring them and much more – all in one single place. The entire release management process can be monitored from start to finish.

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Troubleshoot Issues

Troubleshoot issues to identify app's performance.

Application flaws don't come from a single source but they're easier to solve when you know where to look at first. We help you identify the performance bottlenecks, to know where your app is spending most of its time. We provide insights such as min, max response times, throughput, slow transaction , slow running queries, exceptions, HTTP failure rates and much more.

Monitor Infrastructure

Manage infrastructure utilization

Before releasing your product it is important to check all your servers, hosts, packages to ensure the availability. We help you in identifying the critical components and interactions required to run reliable services using infrastructure monitoring. Set a threshold value to detect the CPU usage, disk usage, latency and get notified whenever it crosses the limit.

Release with confidence

Release early and often keep it simple

Monitor every deployment in real-time and identify errors and performance issues before your customers do. You can view the positive or negative impacts before and after the release and see how specific deployments impact your software health and performance and also make sure the issues have been resolved at each deployment with application monitoring.

Eliminate Risky Bugs

Eliminate risky codes and bugs

We let you capture all the errors with its detailed information with which you can enjoy faster development cycles and ensure your users are having error free experiences. We detect errors the moment they occur and provide you with the full stack trace and the exact line of the code where an error occurred our application monitoring tools.

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