Smooth migration to Cloud

Moving from on-premises to cloud can be a challenge as you navigate through multiple technologies like virtualization, databases, network, containers, micro services, and web and mobile apps. Atatus helps you gain insight into cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments, so you and your teams have visibility into your cloud applications, databases, service levels, and more.

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Smooth Migration

Make your migration easier

Monitor every move in your migration process to make sure everything goes as you expected. Atatus lets you know when an error occurs in your migration process with all the metrics such as response times, server-performance, availability and overall uptime using which you can resolve them in a matter of minutes.

User Experience on Migration

Know the user-experience of your migrated app

Atatus's product let you track the user-experiences when migrating to the cloud to find the errors. We capture all your user's action in real-time so you can quickly see the errors and bottlenecks that are affecting your customer's end-user experience.

Migration Monitoring

Compare the new baselines with your pre-migration baseline

To ensure the excellent result of your cloud migration we should continuously monitor the performance before, during and after the migration process. We provide in-depth insights on performance-related issues and complete end-to-end visibility for all applications migrated to the cloud.

Migration Downtime

Do not let your performance go down

Identify, detect and resolve the issues on cloud-based metrics that slows down the performance of your cloud environment and make sure that the migration is advantageous for every customer.

Resolve Risks

Analyse and resolve risks

Protection of data and other valuable information is the most important thing. To avoid business risks and other critical security breaches you should keep monitoring each cloud environments which might be useful in finding or detecting the risks earlier and resolving them before the huge loss.

DevOps Alerting

Alerting is must

Get notified with the error metrics whenever an error occurs in your cloud environment and share them with your developers to take a look into it and resolve them for the better experience of the end-users.

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