IT Infrastructure

We provide a platform that helps IT organizations monitor and manage their entire infrastructure and operations more proactively and efficiently. With Atatus, system administrators can visualize and manage the state of their IT environment in order to reduce downtime, improve application performance, and mitigate risk.

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Infrastructure Performance Isssues

Identify, detect and resolve issues

When performance related problems and issues are routine, Atatus helps in detecting the performance bottlenecks of your entire IT operations and resolve them on the spot with the help of your team-mates. Use application performance monitoring tools to identify the errors within a matter of minutes.

System Uptime

Analyze system health

Atatus offers great insights about your system's health such as servers and hosts in real-time and analyzes the performance of your processes, CPU, memory and disk utilizations. Get to know the processes that uses the most memory of your system and resolve issues. With Infrastructure Monitoring you can resolve all the issues that affect your IT services.

Security Monitoring

Avoid security breaches and increase your revenue

Avoid critical issues which causes security breaches that may lead to severe downfall of your applications running on your system and reduces the revenue. Atatus lets you know all the issues and its metrics using which you can resolve the issues and boost your revenue. Also with error tracking you can find out the exact line of the code where an error occured.

Alert Notifications

Get notified

With smart notifications, the errors are grouped and you will get notified whenever an error occurs in your application in a matter of minutes. You can share them with your team mates and resolve the issues without further delay and improve your application.

FAQs on IT Infrastructure Monitoring

What is Atatus's role in IT infrastructure monitoring?

Atatus offers features like application performance monitoring (APM), infrastructure monitoring, log management, and more. These tools allow developers to gain insights into application performance, identify bottlenecks, troubleshoot issues, and optimize code for better user experience.

How does Atatus collect data for infrastructure monitoring?

Atatus collects data through various agents, integrations, and APIs. It supports agents for collecting metrics and logs from servers, containers, and other infrastructure components. Additionally, it integrates with cloud platforms, databases, networking devices, and more, to gather comprehensive monitoring data.

What types of metrics can Atatus monitor in IT infrastructure?

Atatus can monitor a wide range of metrics including CPU usage, memory usage, disk I/O, network traffic, service availability, response times, and more. It supports both standard system metrics and custom metrics tailored to your specific monitoring needs.

Can Atatus monitor cloud-based infrastructure?

Yes, Atatus provides extensive support for monitoring cloud-based infrastructure including platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and others. It offers integrations with cloud services to collect metrics and logs, providing visibility into the performance of your cloud-based resources.

Does Atatus support monitoring of containerized environments like Kubernetes?

Yes, Atatus provides robust support for monitoring containerized environments including Kubernetes, Docker, and other container orchestration platforms. It offers integrations with container runtime APIs to collect metrics and logs from containers, pods, and orchestrators, enabling you to monitor the health and performance of your containerized applications.

How does Atatus's metric collection work under the hood?

Atatus utilizes lightweight agents installed on servers, containers, or other monitored entities to collect metrics. These agents gather system-level metrics such as CPU utilization, memory usage, disk I/O, and network traffic at regular intervals. Additionally, Atatus supports integrations with various technologies and services, allowing it to collect metrics directly from APIs, databases, cloud platforms, and other sources.

How does Atatus handle monitoring of infrastructure deployed on-premises or in private data centers?

Atatus provides flexibility and support for monitoring infrastructure deployed on-premises or in private data centers. It offers agents that can be installed on physical servers, virtual machines, or private cloud environments to collect metrics and logs. Additionally, Atatus supports integrations with monitoring systems and technologies commonly used in on-premises environments, allowing you to centralize monitoring data from hybrid infrastructure deployments.

What products does Atatus provide?

Atatus supports a wide range of products across various domains to help organizations monitor and optimize their systems and applications.

  1. Application Performance Monitoring
  2. Real User Monitoring
  3. Synthetic Monitoring
  4. Logs Monitoring
  5. Infrastructure Monitoring
  6. API Analytics
  7. Database Monitoring
  8. Kubernetes Monitoring

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Atatus is a great product with great support. Super easy to integrate, it automatically hooks into everything. The support team and dev team were also very helpful in fixing a bug and updating the docs.
Tobias L
Full Stack Engineer, ClearVoyage
Atatus is powerful, flexible, scalable, and has assisted countless times to identify issues in record time. With user identification, insight into XHR requests to name a few it is the monitoring tool we choose for our SPAs.
Jan Paul
Jan-Paul B
Chief Executive Officer, iSavta
Atatus continues to deliver useful features based on customer feedback. Atatus support team has been responsive and gave visibility into their timeline of requested features.
Daniel G
Software Engineer, MYND Management

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