How does marketing automation help colleges and universities?

With the new E-learning technologies it is quite difficult to adapt for the students or users. We work with you to support the delivery of learning skills, materials, collaboration etc. by monitoring your sites persistently with our Application Performance Monitoring. Get notified about the errors that arises in your site and make your app better for your users.

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Slowest Requests

Identify the slowest requests in your app

Get to know the slowest transactions, slow running queries, HTTP failure rates, HTTP status codes, external API calls and the response times of your app and improve them with the insights provided by Atatus. Keep monitoring your services using performance monitoring tools to find out the performance bottlenecks.

Faster Content

Deliver better content for your students

Ensure that you always deliver high quality content for better user experience. Get full visibility on your end-user experience by tracking the entire software stack, deliver buffer-less audio and video experience to your students and make your app better in the market with Real User Monitoring.

Seemless User Experice

Don't let your students encounter difficulties

The main stumbling block of problem is the technical difficulties such as compatibility, high speed internet connection, memory usage etc.. Keep your app simple by motioning your web app regularly, resolve errors then and there with infrastructure monitoring to ensure that it works as expected.

Resolve Issues

Resolve errors with the help of logs

Do not worry if you have missed any error, the events are stored in the log file and is represented in a dashboard with great insights. You can also view the log events live where you can pass the stream if you notice any important error.

End User Monitoring

Understand end-user experience across the globe

Atatus's product Real User Monitoring lets you know how your app is performing across various locations. You can also view the exact region and identify the reason behind the deceleration of your web application.

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