Every second counts

Each player's move has to be smooth, every coin they buy has to be done without delay, every team has to see the same games view at all times. Monitor your application's performance metrics, activities, players and find out the issues that impact the performance of your gaming application. Improve the game and personalize the experience of each player with Atatus.

Gaming Performance

Improve your games performance.

The ultimate goal of any gaming app is to entertain the player by giving them the best gaming application without any interruptions while playing. Every player would love to play the game only if it loads expeditiously and doesn't bother you while playing. The consistency of framerate is very crucial in a gaming application. Enhance the performance of your application and magnify your profits by monitoring them proactively.

Gaming Issues

Online Gaming Technical Issues.

Any online gaming websites or applications need to handle the traffic almost over the whole world which will decelerate the performance of any application. Since we cannot avoid such traffic the only thing we can do is monitor the application constantly to improve the performance and the response times of any application and optimize them before it could affect our entire system.

Gaming Effect

Effectiveness of an application.

Ensure your users could play games at any time they want without any issue since a website can have several scripts which when loading may not render properly and can cause issues. Set up alerts to get notified whenever an error occurs and resolve them to avoid your gamers frustration.

Gaming Engagement

User engagement.

The quality amount of time users spend on any application is more important for business development. For every organization holding their users back by giving them more entertainment through your game would be helpful to increase the sales.