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We analyze your code for common mistakes and helps you fix them before they become problems. Our mission is to help you write better code, so you can keep your code base healthy.

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Exceptions with Stacktrace

Code without error right from the start

Track the behaviour of your entire code with detailed insights such as slowest transactions, min, max response time, hidden exceptions and SQL query monitoring . Resolve the issue then and there with the help of the metrics provided by Atatus.

Frontend Performance

Measure front-end performance

Pinpoint the front-end issues that affect the performance of your app. Acquire deep insights on page load time, DOM time, page rendering also you can find the core web vitals metrics such as Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, Cumulative Layout Shift etc.. and enhance your site based on the scores.

Fix Frontend and Backend Bugs

Resolve your errors by viewing the log and error info at one place

We provide complete log information with insights such as hostname, source, service, tags, and messages. Drill down into the particular log event to detect the root cause of the issue, fix them with ease and built an extra-ordinary application.

Alert Notifications

Get quick notifications about your errors

Get notified about the important errors without missing them. With Atatus, you can instantly search for the errors in your code and get notified about them with our intelligent alert integrations. Atatus doesn't send you an email, but rather notifies via Slack, OpsGenie, BigPanda and even Webhooks so you can respond to errors and produce better software.

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