What are Scripting Languages?

A scripting language is a computer programming language that is interpreted rather than compiled. When code written in a scripting language is run, it is translated into machine code and can then be used like any other computer program.

It doesn't have to be directly executed by a software interpreter, but can be saved as an executable file and run at any time. Many people use scripting languages to make small programs, but they are also often used for simple tasks within larger applications.

Rather than compiling the script into machine code, it is interpreted. The computer can be commanded to run multiple scripts without needing to compile the software each time. Many new programmers use a scripting language because they are easier to learn and quicker to create.

Scripting Languages

  • Node js: It is a framework that is used to write network applications using JavaScript.It is used by IBM, Linkedin, and Netflix for real-time web applications.
  • Ruby: It is widely used for web development due to its flexibility.
  • Python: One of the easy and open Source languages. Python is the interpreter Language with semantics and huge lines of code that are scripted and is the most used Language by the Developers.
  • Perl: It is a popular Scripting Language that can be found on all windows and Linux Servers. High-traffic sites use Perl. Moreover, it can help in text manipulation tasks.Priceline.com, IMDB uses Perl.


  1. There are dozens of libraries that are part of the Scripting Language.
  2. It helps in creating a new application in the web Browsers.
  3. It helps the developers to create a colorful interface with an interactive background and colors.
  4. It can be learned easily.
  5. It can be used as a prototype for the programs.


  • It is used on the client-side as well as the server-side.
  • Server-side languages are JavaScript, PHP, Perl, etc.
  • Client-Side Languages are AJAX,jQuery etc
  • It is also used in System Administration. Shell and Python Script are used.
  • It is widely used in Games and Multimedia.
  • Used to create plugins for the existing application.


  • Sometimes Scripts consume a lot of time to create and test.
  • It has to manage and secure.
  • It enables users to view the code, sometimes this may be a problem for a company.
  • It is slow sometimes when compared with the compiled program.

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