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Asim ALTwijry, Software Engineer

Before Atatus

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    Lack of visibility into the internals of the Django application.
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    No affordable APM service to catch and resolve exceptions and bugs.
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    Difficulty in identifying and optimizing slow queries.

After Atatus

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    Enhanced visibility with detailed insights into application performance.
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    Effective exception tracking, allowing quick identification and resolution of bugs.
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    Transaction monitoring to catch and optimize slow queries.

Elham: An interactive learning experience platform

Elham, a leading Learning Experience Platform (LXP), empowers organizations to manage and deliver training programs efficiently. Offering a user-friendly interface, Elham enables the creation of interactive content without technical expertise, prioritizing the learner's experience. Organizations leverage Elham's control panel to monitor, track, and optimize training program effectiveness.

Lack of Visibility limits Quality!

Elham faced significant challenges before integrating Atatus, primarily stemming from a lack of visibility into their Django applications. Diagnosing and resolving performance issues became a troublesome task without detailed insights. The team's inability to see what was happening within their applications made it nearly impossible to identify the root causes of performance problems.

Additionally, the absence of an affordable, comprehensive Application Performance Monitoring (APM) service posed difficulties in maintaining optimal service quality. Performance issues and bugs often went unnoticed until they significantly impacted the user experience. Furthermore, cost constraints worsened the situation as many available APM solutions were too expensive, straining Elham's budget. Finding a cost-effective solution that didn't compromise on features became a major challenge for the organization.

How observability has benefited Elham

Atatus played a pivotal role in addressing Elham's challenges by offering features that enhanced observability and performance. One significant benefit was in handling exceptions and resolving bugs, thereby significantly improving the stability of Elham's applications.

"Atatus helped us pinpoint and fix bugs swiftly, leading to a more robust application environment" -Asim

Moreover, Atatus efficiently managed transactions by identifying and optimizing slow queries, consequently enhancing overall application performance. The detailed insights into transaction performance enabled the team to effectively pinpoint bottlenecks and optimize queries. Additionally, Atatus identified and optimized slow database queries, further boosting performance by providing visibility into database operations and highlighting areas for improvement.

"We could finally address external dependencies that were dragging us down" -Asim

Furthermore, Atatus's ability to catch slow external dependencies ensured the smooth operation of all components of Elham's applications. This feature was particularly beneficial in identifying and managing the performance of third-party services crucial for Elham's applications. Lastly, Atatus provided a unified monitoring platform with an intuitive dashboard, allowing the team to seamlessly monitor all aspects of Elham's applications. This unified view facilitated easy tracking of performance metrics, identification of trends, and swift issue resolution, empowering Elham to maintain high-performance standards consistently.

Around-the-clock Assistance

"Their support was fantastic, addressing all our concerns promptly" -Asim

During the onboarding process, Elham received exceptional support from the Atatus team. Additionally, the Atatus support team worked closely with Elham's staff, offering guidance, and best practices for maximizing the monitoring solution's benefits. Implementations were easy for Elham with simple instructions. The hands-on support ensured that Elham could fully leverage the capabilities of Atatus from day one.

Overall, Elham's experience with Atatus has been highly positive. The team's dedication to resolving unique challenges and providing ongoing support has earned high praise. Implementing Atatus has improved Elham's operational efficiency and enhanced its ability to deliver high-quality digital solutions to its clients.

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