Complete Observability of Travel Industry

Iterios enhanced system performance and operations using Atatus' unified monitoring and real-time issue detection tools.


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Ivan Romaniuk, Founder & CEO

Before Atatus

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    No unified monitoring tool.
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    Inability to detect the causes of some problems.
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    Complex setup processes.

After Atatus

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    Unified monitoring platform that is visual, demonstrative, and easy to use.
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    Detailed insights and customization options providing in-depth views of performance metrics.
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    Easy to deploy with basic features available right from the start.

Iterios is an Innovative Travel Industry Solution!

Iterios, a Ukrainian developer of software products for the travel industry, specializes in providing innovative solutions primarily to travel agents. Their flagship product is a CRM system designed to streamline and automate travel agents' and agencies' essential business processes. Beyond typical CRM functionalities, Iterios' system offers advanced features such as tour search, passport scanning, and integration with government services for digital signatures.

From Fragmented Monitoring To Unified Monitoring Tool!

Before Integrating Atatus, Iterios Faced Significant Hurdles:

Monitoring various aspects of their applications and infrastructure was fragmented, leading to gaps in oversight and potentially overlooking critical issues. "We were struggling to keep an eye on everything," said Romaniuk.

Relying on manual intervention to identify issues consumed valuable time and resources. Without automated monitoring and alerting mechanisms, identifying problems often relied on reactive measures, causing delays in problem resolution and impacting overall efficiency. "Manual detection was a time sink," noted Romaniuk.

Troubleshooting efforts were often prolonged and ineffective without understanding the underlying issues. The complexity of their systems compounded this challenge, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact source of malfunctions or performance degradation.

Dashboard Visualization, Real-Time Alerts, and Comprehensive Analytics

Atatus proved instrumental in resolving Iterios' challenges by offering several key features:

Atatus provided Iterios with customizable dashboard interfaces for monitoring various aspects of their systems. This visualization feature enabled Iterios to swiftly gain insights into different facets of their operations, enhancing their ability to monitor and manage their systems effectively.

"Having everything in one place made monitoring so much easier" -Romaniuk

Real-time monitoring through Atatus allowed Iterios to detect and address difficult issues that may have gone unnoticed before. This immediate detection capability facilitated faster issue resolution, ultimately minimizing downtime and optimizing system performance. "We could finally see problems as they happened and fix them immediately," commented Romaniuk.

Atatus provided straightforward setup procedures, ensuring a smooth integration process for Iterios. With essential features readily accessible from the start, the integration was both seamless and efficient. This simplicity ensured that Iterios could quickly implement Atatus into their operations without encountering unnecessary complexities.

Iterios benefited from Atatus' customization options, which allowed them to tailor configurations to their specific needs. This tailored approach provided deeper insights into performance metrics, empowering Iterios to actively manage and optimize their systems.

"The ability to customize our dashboards was a game-changer" -Romaniuk

Atatus simplified system maintenance for Iterios by streamlining management tasks, reducing complexity, and enhancing operational efficiency. With Atatus, Iterios could efficiently handle system upkeep, allowing them to focus more on core tasks and improving overall productivity. "We could concentrate on what really mattered." said Romaniuk.

"They were with us every step of the way!" - Iterios

During the onboarding process, Iterios received exceptional support from the Atatus team.

Atatus promptly addressed Iterios' queries and provided valuable tips, expediting the implementation process. The Atatus support team collaborated closely with Iterios' staff, offering guidance, training, and best practices for maximizing the monitoring solution's benefits.

"Their support was quick and incredibly helpful" -Romaniuk

Overall, Iterios' experience with Atatus has been highly positive. The team's dedication to resolving unique challenges and providing ongoing support has earned high praise.

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