Setting up PHP monitoring is easy

This short and simple guide will get you familiar in integrating Atatus with PHP apps
and start tracking error and performance.


Download and Install

// Download Debian tarball
// Download Redhat tarball
// Download musl tarball
// Download OSX tarball

// Unzip and install the agent files
tar -xzvf  atatus-php-X.X.X-ARCH-OS.tar.gz
cd atatus-php-X.X.X-ARCH-OS
sudo ATATUS_LICENSE_KEY="apm_license_key" ATATUS_APP_NAME="your_app_name" bash

Set license key and app name

Make sure that license key and app name is set correctly in the Atatus configuration file: atatus.ini.
You can find the path of atatus.ini file by running php -i | grep atatus.ini command in the shell.

Send an event

Stop and Start your servers such as nginx, php-fpm, apache, httpd, etc. That's it! You've sent your first event.