Slack + Atatus Integration

Get notified for errors and performance issues in Slack.

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slackIntegrate Slack with Atatus

Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It's real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.

This integration gives your team the ability to be notified in a Slack channel when any exception occurs, and when an alert is triggered in Atatus. If you would like web, server, and mobile exceptions and alerts to be posted in separate channels, you will need to set up separate integrations.

Setup instructions
  1. In Atatus, Navigate to project Settings -> Team Notifications -> Slack.

    Setup Slack Integration
  2. Click Add to Slack button. This will bring you to Slack and ask you to authorize Atatus to access your Slack account.

    Slack Authorize
  3. Select the Slack team you want to integrate with.

    Atatus requires only write scope which is needed in order to post messages to your Slack channels. Atatus does not read any of your conversations, files or history on Slack.
  4. Select the channel you wish to receive messages for.
  5. Press the Authorize button when you're done.

Congrats! Slack is now integrated with Atatus. Error and performance notifications will be delivered to the configured Slack channel.

This is how you will see the notification in your Slack channel.


You can also use the second(legacy) method.

  1. Create an incoming webhook URL for Atatus on the Slack website here and paste it into the Slack Webhook URL textbox.
  2. Press the Save button when you're done.

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