VictorOps + Atatus Integration

Get notified for errors and performance issues in VictorOps.

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victoropsIntegrate VictorOps with Atatus

VictorOps is a hub for centralizing the flow of information throughout the incident lifecycle. Using VictorOps, teams resolve incidents faster to help minimize the impact of downtime and speed innovation.

Setup instructions
  1. In Atatus, Navigate to project Settings -> Team Notifications -> VictorOps.

  2. Copy-paste the API Key from integration page in VictorOps into the API Key textbox.
  3. If you want, enter routing key.
  4. Press the Save button when you're done.

Congrats! VictorOps is now integrated with Atatus. Error and performance notifications will be delivered to the VictorOps incidents.

This is how you will see the notification in VictorOps.


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