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Install Atatus Node package

npm install --save atatus-nodejs

Start Atatus Node

Require atatus in your Node app and invoke start with your API key. It should be the first line of your server code.

var atatus = require("atatus-nodejs");
  licenseKey: "YOUR_LICENSE_KEY",
  appName: "YOUR_APP_NAME"

Send an event

Just restart your Node.js app. That's it! You've sent your first event.

Questions and answers on Node.js Monitoring

What is Node.js monitoring?

Monitoring Node.js applications allows you to observe the performance bottlenecks that occur in your application.

This helps you detect any unexpected behaviour that affects your entire application so that you can resolve it as soon as possible.

Unexpected behaviour might include slow transactions, long response times, database queries, API failures, and latency.

You will receive alerts for important metrics that impact the availability and performance of your application.

How to optimize Node.js code?

You can improve the performance of your Node.js code with the following tips:

  1. Use asynchronous functions.
  2. Use timeouts with I/O operations.
  3. Use worker threads for CPU utilizing tasks.
  4. Enable streamlining responses.
  5. Use a Node.js APM monitoring solution to detect errors and exceptions.

You can learn more about the various methods of optimizing node.js code in the 9 Ways to Improve Node.js Performance blog.

What are the 3 important monitoring concepts?

Monitoring your Node.js application requires knowledge of three fundamental concepts:

  1. Error handling - Ensuring your application is free of errors.
  2. Downtime - the inability to access an application.
  3. Resource utilization - indicates how much of your application's resources are being consumed.
What are the benefits of using a Node.js monitoring tool?

Without a proper monitoring tool, you cannot perform the performance bottlenecks diagnosis in your Node.js applications.

  1. Improves end-user experience
  2. Reduces downtime
  3. Lower operational cost
  4. Increases productivity
  5. Higher conversion rate
What are the important metrics to monitor Node.js application?

  1. User-facing latencies
    • Response time
    • Request rates
    • Error rates
  2. Back-end latencies
    • Slow transactions
    • Slow Database queries
    • HTTP failure rates
    • External API response time
  3. Memory usage and leaks
    • HTTP failure rate
    • Slow transactions
    • Most time consumed servers
  4. Runtime metrics
    • Event loop delay
    • Slow and fast event handling
    • Size of the heap
    • CPU cycles and Resident Set Size(RSS)
Is Atatus capable of alerting me if my Node.js application experiences an error?

When the alert conditions for an error are met, you will be alerted to the complete error information. You can integrate with your favourite channels such as email, slack, Victorops and much more to receive error notifications.

Are there free tools to monitor Node.js applications?

Yes, there are many free tools available for monitoring your Node.js application. Check out this interesting blog that describes the most popular Node.js monitoring tools.

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