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pip install atatus

Add "atatus.contrib.django" to "INSTALLED_APPS" in your


   # ...

Set license key and app name in your


   'APP_NAME': 'Python App',
   'LICENSE_KEY': 'lic_apm_xxxxxxx'

Send an event

Restart your Django servers. That's it! You've sent your first event.

Questions and answers on Python Monitoring

What is Python monitoring?

Python monitoring is a process by which businesses can ensure that their Python-based applications are performing optimally.

By tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), businesses can identify and correct areas of poor performance, improving the overall user experience.

Additionally, performance monitoring can help businesses to identify potential security risks and ensure that their applications comply with industry standards.

How can I monitor the Python application?

You can the monitor Python application with the help of the APM tool Atatus, which keeps track of your entire application. Debug, analyze and fix python performance bottlenecks to provide your end-user with a better digital experience.

What are the top python metrics to monitor in a python application?

Here are a few Python metrics that you should consider while monitoring the python app.

  1. Response time
  2. Request latency
  3. Queued time and queue size
  4. CPU and system memory usage
  5. Disk usage
  6. Unhandled errors
What integrations does Atatus support in Python monitoring?
What frameworks does Python monitoring support?

Atatus can help you identify bottlenecks in your code and optimize your Python code for better performance. Our Python monitoring solution has integrations with all the major Python frameworks such as Django and Flask.

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