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Looking for Rollbar alternative? Atatus gives you complete visibility into the end user monitoring of your website performance along with JavaScript error tracking and monitor the journey of your session traces with a subset of information and understand how problems impact your end user experience.

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Comprehend Browser Performance with Session Traces

There is a crossover in JavaScript error tracking feature between Rollbar and Atatus. Our goal is also to provide end-to-end visibility of your website performance for you to resolve website issues including errors faster.

Modern Real User Monitoring

  • Feature TickRollbar concentrates only on JavaScript error monitoring. With Atatus we have built a product that is a single stop solution for both JavaScript error tracking and end user monitoring.
  • Feature TickAtatus real user monitoring (RUM) analyzes the performance of your app pages, elements to network, DOM processing, and page rendering and paints a complete picture of your user behaviour.
  • Feature TickAtatus also enhances data with slowest performance in time, percentile filtration and sorting them into slowest, oldest and newest events. It gives you a quick overview of where the issues are located.

Enhanced Session Insights

  • Feature TickAtatus session information provides detailed summary information about the trace, with timing details, and waterfall events that you can explore.
  • Feature TickRollbar monitors production JavaScript errors at a point in time. Atatus does the same but adds the user specific error grouping to identify the user's relative sessions as well.
  • Feature Tick By providing the context of individual events, find out why one page may be slower than the others. Identify problems and solutions, how a user experiences your page load, including time to DOM load and time waiting for AJAX requests to complete.

See detailed AJAX Monitoring

  • Feature TickAjax is commonly used in web applications where information is retrieved or saved without needing to reload an entire page.
  • Feature TickAtatus AJAX dashboard surfaces your site's most resource-intensive AJAX requests, filterable by throughput, transferred data, received data, callback time and response time.
  • Feature TickThe error status codes reporting indicates the failure rate behaviour from an AJAX call. Status codes breakdown specify a problem with your AJAX endpoints.

Easy to use Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

  • Feature TickMeasure the performance of your back-end, database queries, HTTP requests to to other services and find out if your application needs optimization for key transactions using Atatus APM.
  • Feature TickDrill down to the exact session traces and get a detailed overview on how each function affects your users' experiences.
  • Feature Tick Compared to Rollbar, the advanced error tracking feature of Atatus captures all back-end errors that occur in your application, by pointing to the exact location of the code, causing the exception.

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Best Monitoring tool

"Atatus customer service is just amazing. I had before newrelic and stackify and I can honestly say that Atatus compared to those two is leader! Leader in pricing and user interface and ability to drill down to the problem."

— S Herman Kiefus, DevOps Admin, Compass

Viewing your app and experiencing performance metrics

Atatus highlights the biggest improvements you can make to your web or mobile app performance to deliver better software.

Live performance data

Transaction metrics

Measure how long every key business activity like checkout, booking and signup takes to complete and optimize them to increase business performances. Also, see how many business transactions have succeeded or failed.

Resolve issues quickly

Slowest traces

Captures the slowest performance of transactions from various locations about a user and visualize how to improve the overall performance of your app.

Compare releases

Geographic reporting

Dynamically display end-user data by geographic location based on the level of information and compare your site’s performance.

Built for developers

User tracking

Atatus user tracking feature makes the missing connection between the error and the end user for you. You can exactly see the errors that has affected a user.

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