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Looking for an alternative to Site24x7? Atatus full stack monitoring is the best alternative to switch over to from Site24x7. With Atatus, you get an in-depth and clear insight into your complete software stack and cloud infrastructure, with a focus on improving your end users' experiences.

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More Reasons to choose Atatus over Site24x7

Elegant Browser Monitoring (RUM)

  • Feature TickAtatus not only provides you with rich contextual data with page views and throughput metrics, but also lets you view the overall performance of your application. You can also view the individual events with information about the exact page causing your application to slow down with real user monitoring .
  • Feature TickCompared to Site24x7, Atatus allows you to see the percentile for your XHR performance, the individual AJAX call causing the application slow down and also see each AJAX event individually using our AJAX monitoring .
  • Feature TickMonitor and measure the performance of successful or failed login, sign up, checkout pages and many other user flow transactions of your applications individually.
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Site24x7 Alternative To Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

  • Feature TickMeasure the performance of your back-end, database queries, HTTP requests to to other services and find out if your application needs optimization for key transactions using Atatus APM .
  • Feature TickDrill down to the exact session traces and get a detailed overview on how each function affects your users' experiences.
  • Feature TickCompared to Site24x7, the advanced error tracking feature of Atatus captures all back-end errors that occur in your application, by pointing to the exact location of the code, causing the exception.
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Best Monitoring tool

"Atatus customer service is just amazing. I had before newrelic and stackify and I can honestly say that Atatus compared to those two is leader! Leader in pricing and user interface and ability to drill down to the problem."

— S Herman Kiefus, DevOps Admin, Compass

Modern Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Feature TickMonitor the performance of servers in real-time. Identify the hosts and processes that consume the most memory and utilize the most CPU, analyze the load averages, disk usage and I/O wait times.
  • Feature TickSee all processes that are running on the servers. This is helpful in identifying the processes that use a large amount of memory and CPU and consume more file descriptors.
  • Feature TickSetup a check to monitor the health (uptime) of applications running on your servers and get alerts, when your application fails to respond or is down.
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All in one Logs Monitoring

  • Feature TickGet all your logs under one roof. Tail your logs in real time to debug directly in production. Start identifying issues as and when it happen.
  • Feature TickQuickly identify patterns across interconnected services, correlate them with APM and pro-actively analyze and improve performance in your applications.
  • Feature TickSee logs analytics to identify trends, analyze messages, troubleshoot problems by providing a quick visualization of log data. Get your team members on the same page.
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Monitor on Affordable Site24x7 Alternative

  • Feature TickTry Atatus on a trial basis for 14 free days, with no requirement for a credit card.
  • Feature TickYour 14- day free trial begins only after you deploy your project and we start receiving data.
  • Feature TickNo contract and cancel your account anytime.
  • Feature TickAtatus offers as low as $49 per month with scalable pricing packages. Save annual billing up to 20%.

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