Uptime Monitoring

Monitor site availability

Set up health checks to monitor uptime and downtime of your websites, API, TCP, UDP, SSL, DNS, and micro services. Ping your website and check whether it functions as expected or not. Gain website downtime statics and enhance end-user experience.

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Uptime Monitoring

Ensure whether your website is available or not

Track your website, applications, servers and infrastructure to check the availability and response time. Measure the reliability and stability of your application with the help of our performance monitoring tool.

Start resolving performance bottlenecks with Uptime Monitoring

Health ChecksWebsite availability

Uptime Monitoring made simple

Atatus continuously monitors core elements of your website by pinging the monitored devices every minute to detect the availability of your site. Checks the response time of your site and notifies you if there is any issue occurs. With the in-depth uptime metrics you can easily resolve the issues.

Health Checks
ContextError Context

Get all the necessary context when a failure occurs

When an error occurs Atatus collects many other related information such as host, URL, port, user, app, version and more with the exact line of the code where an error occurs. With the comprehensive APM solution you can precisely pinpoint the performance bottlenecks and improve the performance of your website.

Failure Root Cause
RUMReal User Monitoring

Rank your website #1 in Google

Downtime may also cause degradation which end up in high bounce rate and in turn will decrease the user traffic to your website. Check all the APIs, web and non-web transactions, servers, CPU usage, HTTP failures and much more to keep your website available and accessible.

Web Vitals

Receive alerts of any hardware failure

Get notified whenever an error or any failure occurs in your system or servers and fix the performance bottleneck as soon as possible before it impacts your user and make the journey of your users an awesome one.

Ticketing Integration

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Atatus is a great product with great support. Super easy to integrate, it automatically hooks into everything. The support team and dev team were also very helpful in fixing a bug and updating the docs.
Tobias L
Full Stack Engineer, ClearVoyage
Atatus is powerful, flexible, scalable, and has assisted countless times to identify issues in record time. With user identification, insight into XHR requests to name a few it is the monitoring tool we choose for our SPAs.
Jan Paul
Jan-Paul B
Chief Executive Officer, iSavta
Atatus continues to deliver useful features based on customer feedback. Atatus support team has been responsive and gave visibility into their timeline of requested features.
Daniel G
Software Engineer, MYND Management

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