June 2018

Account Management

We have now released another key feature for our customers - Account Management and separation of our Browser/APM products. We shall soon be releasing Infrastructure Monitoring as well, which will fit really well into this separation.

Product Separation: We now have separate Browser and APM product tabs, which shows these projects separately.

Account Management: With this we introduce user privileges and accounts within Atatus.

There are two types of Accounts - Main Account and Sub-Account.

A Main Account can contain multiple Sub Accounts. Main Accounts is ideal for clients and Sub-Accounts is ideal for separate teams within an organisation.

If you would like to restrict users within your organisation to certain projects, then group your projects into Sub-Accounts to separate user access.

For e.g. when you are serving multiple separate Clients, then you can create separate Main Accounts and still maintain the same email login for your clients.

In User Privilege feature - each user can either be a Owner or Admin or User within an Account.

  • Owner: Have access to all projects and can manage all account settings including billing.
  • Admin: Have access to all projects and can manage all account settings except billing.
  • User: Can view and configure projects, but can only view the account settings except billing.

There can only be a single owner of the account. You can now change the ownership of the account to another user.

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