November 2021

API Analytics

We recently rolled out a new feature in Atatus - API Analytics.

A holistic analytics solution to track API performance from start to finish in the most efficient way. Monitor your internal, external and third-party REST API calls and gain real-time insights into the performance, usage, and errors.

API Analytics

With our user-friendly API analytics dashboard, you can easily collect, analyze, and visualize metrics. This helps you troubleshoot performance issues and deliver the best application to your customer. We also provide the option to log API events for further analysis, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the entire process in an API call.

Insights that will fuel up your business bottom line

  • Request and Response Time of API endpoints
  • Status code and IP address of each transaction
  • Duration of each request
  • Database and external call count
  • Request headers of each API endpoint
  • User information includes device type, browser, OS, User ID, User IP, and hostname.

Gain real-time insights into the traffic that’s running through the application. Diagnose, reproduce, and resolve API errors using our API analytics.

For a deeper understanding of our API Analytics feature and how to make the most of it, we encourage you to refer to our comprehensive documentation below.

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