May 2023

Auto Capturing of Response Header and Response Body

API Analytics: We are thrilled to introduce a powerful new feature Auto Capturing of Response Header and Response Body in Node.js and Python agent. This exciting addition enhances your ability to gain valuable insights into API traffic by automatically capturing detailed information about response headers and bodies.

Auto Capturing of Response Header and Response Body

Key Features

  • Gain visibility into response headers and bodies sent by your APIs.
  • Capture key metadata such as content-type, cache-control, authorization, etc.
  • Analyze response headers to identify performance bottlenecks or security vulnerabilities.
  • Inspect the actual data returned from API calls.
  • Identify patterns, errors, or anomalies in the response data.


  • Capture and store response header and body data seamlessly for comprehensive API analysis, ensuring effortless data capture and storage for deeper API insights.
  • Unlock deeper visibility into API behavior and performance by leveraging captured response times, status codes, and content types, providing enhanced performance insights.
  • Simplify the debugging process by effortlessly examining actual API response data, enabling quick identification of errors or unexpected behavior for improved troubleshooting.
  • Enhance compliance and security measures by effectively monitoring sensitive information, including security headers and encryption details, ensuring adherence to compliance requirements.

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